Welcome to the Gilchrist Alumni Page - More information coming soon

  • As Gilchrist embarks on its 50th year of educating our youth, we are excited to invite our Gilchrist Alumni to share their information with us.

    Perhaps you attended Gilchrist under its original name Timberlane Elementary School, served on student council, took part in placing an item in a time capsule, starred in musical events, received academic awards or most importantly have wonderful memories of elementary school.  We would love to hear about your service to the community and share with you how our school has grown through the years.

    Our goal is to foster connections between our alumni and the school through social, academic and promotional events.  It is also an opportunity to connect with classmates from the past.  Join us and be a part of helping to continue the our mission of building lifelong learners.

  • Calling All Grizzlies . . .

    Gilchrist Elementary School Celebrates 50 Years of Learning!

    Who:                Are you or someone you know a Gilchrist Grizzly? As we celebrate our 50th year anniversary we are looking for former Grizzlies to join in the celebration. We are profiling former students on the morning news – WGES – as we celebrate all that makes our school special, including former students like you!


    What:         Gilchrist Elementary School is planning several activities to commemorate the 50th year anniversary, a new outdoor courtyard learning area, a Grizzly birthday bash celebration for students and more. A centerpiece of our celebration will be profiles of former students, periodically throughout the year, on the morning news. This is a great opportunity for our alumni to be recognized, and current students to learn about former students – where they live, their occupation and what they love about Gilchrist. A special element of this engagement will be Flat Grizzly that will appear with our alumni as he travels around to greet each of you. We know the students will enjoy seeing who Flat Grizzly meets next as they watch the videos you provide.  Printable Flat Grizzly


    How:          Four easy steps to submit your taped video:

    1)      Cut out Flat Grizzly so he can appear with you in the video or we can provide one that is already cut and ready.

    2)      Use your IPhone or other handheld device to film your video. (Please turn your IPhone horizontal for the best viewing quality of your video.)

    3)      The video should be less than 2 minutes and include the following information:

    --Your name

    --When you went to Gilchrist

    --What you currently do in your occupation

    --What you love most, remember about Gilchrist and/or other special message to the students

    4) Please send your video to terrieA@moorecommgroup.com with the subject line “Gilchrist video”

    *If you would prefer to appear in person on WGES, please contact us and we will coordinate the date and time.

    Sample video script:

    Hi, this is Jane Doe and I am joined by Flat Grizzly today. I was a fifth grader at Gilchrist in 1985 – that was 30 years ago.  I am now a dentist and enjoy helping people have beautiful smiles. I learned so much at Gilchrist and I know each of you Gilchrist Grizzlies are learning a lot too. What I loved most about Gilchrist was the school song – G: it is a great place to be!

    Thank you for your help as we celebrate 50 great years of

    Gilchrist Elementary School!