• Behavior Chart Explanation:


    Every student starts the day on Green. The student must earn their way up to Purple by going above and beyond expectations. They may move back and forth from Purple to Green. Orange is the next color down. It is just a warning. Yellow is the next color after that. If a student moves their clip down to yellow they will miss five minutes of their play time. The last color is Red. If a student moves their name to Red they will miss 10 minutes of their play time. The students will still have 20 minutes of playtime as required by law. If a student makes it to Orange 3 or more times during the week or to Yellow or Red any day during the week they do not get to pick out of our treasure box. We will use these colors to determine their behavior grade that each student will receive on their Report Card.

    E- All Purples and Greens (with an exception of a couple of oranges)

    S- Greens with some Oranges and Yellows

    N- Some Greens with Oranges, Yellows and Reds  (If you hear from your teacher or administration throughout the nine weeks due to your child’s behavior, you should expect your child to receive an N)

    The students start each day fresh back on Green. Each week the slate gets clean and we begin again working towards our fun incentives (treasure box, Fun Friday, etc).

    Please let us know if you have any questions.

    Thank you!


    The Kindergarten Team


    Behavior Color Key