Family & Parent Engagement night

  • A chili cook-off and hot topics ... teens and tech! As an administrator and a parent of 2 teens, a four-year-old and an adult with disabilities, I was both a facilitator and a LEARNER tonight!! We are all in this together! Thank you to our amazing speakers from FSU, FDLE, LCS, and, of course, our experts on staff: our teachers! Thanks to our MC and lead facilitator Justin and our PTSO, who rocks the house every time! Also, thanks to our chili judges, Dr. Marty, SAIL Security Margot, Monica Casey from WCTV and Rick Minor! And our music ensemble set it up with some good music vibes!! My biggest takeaway: kids may not always do what you say, but they will do what you do! Phones away! Also... we cannot hide from technology, so we must learn to live in harmony with it! Yes!

    - Jessica Chapman - SAIL AP