• RES Teacher and Staff Questionnaire

    Peace. Love. Umoja.

    Name: Christine Welke Birthday: 10/30

    Your Initials for monogramming? CW or CBW     

    Your t-shirt size? Medium

    What is your favorite color? black, green, and purple

    What is your favorite flower/plant? carnations and daisies

    Where are your favorite places to shop? Old Navy, Amazon, and Target

    What are your favorite restaurants? Glenn is super chef: Publix/Fresh Market

    What do you collect (candles, foxes, etc.)? Owls and cute notecards

    What is your favorite cold drink? LaCroix LIME seltzer

    What is your favorite hot drink? Lucky Goat

    What is your favorite sweet treat? Snowcaps, Almond Joy, and Ginger Snaps

    What is your favorite salty treat? Salt and Vinegar Chips/Cheese Puff Balls

    What is your favorite fruit? Halos, green apples, and watermelon

    Do you have any food allergies? No


    Wish list for your classroom?

    • Bic green pens for students
    • Expo dry erase markers for students
    • 3 x 5 Index Cards for students
    • Glue sticks for students
    • Peppermint Puff Mints for students

    Thanks for your support!