• RES Teacher and Staff Questionnaire 2022

    Name: Christine Welke                                                Initials: CW or CBW

    Birthday: 10/30

    Preferred t-shirt size? Medium

    What is your favorite color?  black, green, and purple

    What is your favorite flower/plant? carnations and daisies

    Where are your favorite places to shop? Amazon, Target, and Home Depot

    What are your favorite restaurants? Horizons, Grove Market, and Red Elephant

    What do you collect (candles, foxes, etc.)?  Nothing- simplifying my life

    What is your favorite cold drink? LaCroix LIME Seltzer

    What is your favorite hot drink? I have plenty of Lucky Goat/Starbuck Gift Cards

    What is your favorite sweet treat? Dark Chocolate anything

    What is your favorite salty treat? Pretzels sticks, Gardetto’s, and popcorn

    What is your favorite fruit?  Love all fruits! 

    Do you have any food allergies? No

    Interests: Granddaughter (Irie), Beach time, reading, and a variety of home improvement projects.

    UMOJA House: Ukarimu

    Wish list for your classroom?

    • GREEN and/or RED pens for students to check their work
    • Expo BLACK dry erase markers (The students use a lot of these)
    • YELLOW and/or GREEN Highlighters for students to use to find text evidence
    • Dry erase board cleaner (We use our dry erase boards multiple times a day)
    • 3 X 3 YELLOW sticky notes (We use these in a variety if ways)
    • Pastel copy paper: blue, green, pink, yellow
    • Peppermint Puffs