• How to use FOCUS in my class.

    All your assignments will be in FOCUS. You will turn in all your assignments in FOCUS. The majority of your materials will be in FOCUS. FOCUS will also have links to other resources in the interweb.

    Here is a text rundown of what is contained in the other pages.

    How to get your assignments in FOCUS

    1. After you log in, if you click on your grade percentage, it will take you to the list of assignments.
    2. Each assignment will have a Directions.pdf. Click it and read what the assignment is.
    3. Then you do the assignment. On paper, on a computer, however you are comfortable and in a way that you can save and upload it. 
    4. Upload it (this can be complex depending on where the assignment is and what device you are using... we will figure them all out).

    How to 

    1. After you log in to focus, click on the name of my class (MATH COLL READINESS)
    2. You will be directed to my FOCUS web page .. the first page is announcemnts ... read them !!!

    If you 


Last Modified on May 14, 2021