Elective Options

  • Band (Beginning/Concert/Symphonic)  (6th, 7th, 8th) - The band program offers instruction at the beginning, intermediate (concert), and advanced (symphonic) level of instruction. Beginning Band requires no prior experience.  Financial assistance and school instruments are available. 

    Chorus (6th, 7th, 8th) - The chorus program offers instruction at the 6th, 7th/8th women's, men's and advanced level of instruction. Chorus requires no prior experience.  

    Art 1 - Students are introduced to the rigor and routine of the art production process including:  planning, producing, and reflecting on art.  With an emphasis on studio arts, students explore a wide range of 2D and 3D media, skills and techniques, as related to contemporary and historical art perspectives.  Projects may include but not be limited to:  drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, mixed media, pottery, and sculpture.  Students develop technical skills, foster their expressive abilities and employ the use of the elements of art throughout the production process.

    Art 2D - In this advanced art class students will continue to explore and create two-dimensional (2D) art and to build upon the basics learned in Art I. (Prerequisite – Art 1)

    Art 3D - In this advanced art class students will continue to explore and create three-dimensional (3D) art and to build upon the basics learned in Art I. (Prerequisite – Art 1)

    STEM Science & Technology - This year-long elective course provide students with a semester of Technology Exploration (including typing, digital tools, and robotics) and a semester of Science STEM (including CSI experience and Science Fair)

    STEM Agricultural Science - This year-long elective course introduces students to a variety of subjects in agricultural sciences. From vegetable gardening to consumer education, from poultry farming to crafting and construction, students should be prepared to work together in teams and enjoy getting their hands and shoes dirty.

    Knitting / Fiber Arts - Learn to Knit & Other Unique Fiber Arts: Learn the basic skills of knitting, crochet, quilting, nail-string art, felting, textile design, and other fiber arts. 

    Physical Education - The physical education program (Fitness, Grade 8) is designed to develop competencies in physical fitness, body-management skills, skills related to throwing, catching, striking with the body, striking with objects, and strategies. Students will be required to dress in a functional physical education uniform to participate. Uniform and lockers are required.

     Beginning Spanish/French/Latin (Middle School) - M/J Spanish/French/Latin Beginning introduces students to the target language and its culture. Students will learn beginning skills in listening and speaking and an introduction to basic skills in reading and writing. Also, culture, connections, comparisons, and communities are included in this one-year course.

    Spanish/French/Latin I*(High School Credit) - Spanish 1 introduces students to the target language and its culture. The student will develop communicative skills in all 3 modes of communication and cross-cultural understanding. Emphasis is placed on proficient communication in the language. An introduction to reading and writing is also included as well as culture, connections, comparisons, and communities.

    Spanish/French/Latin II*(High School Credit) - Spanish/French/Latin 2 reinforces the fundamental skills acquired by the students in Spanish/French/Latin 1. The course develops increased listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills as well as cultural awareness. Specific content to be covered is a continuation of listening and oral skills acquired in Spanish/French/Latin 1. Reading and writing receive more emphasis, while oral communication remains the primary objective. The cultural survey of the target language-speaking people is continued.

    Guitar - Students with little or no experience develop basic guitar skills and knowledge, including simple and full-strum chords, strumming patterns, playing/singing simple melodies, foundational music theory, parts of the guitar, and ensemble skills. 

    Photography - Students explore the aesthetic foundations of art making using beginning photography techniques. This course may include, but is not limited to, color and/or black and white photography via digital media and/or traditional photography. Students become familiar with the basic mechanics of a camera, including lens and shutter operation, compositional foundations, printing an image for display, and evaluating a successful print. 

    Yearbook/Journalism*  - The purpose of this course is to enable students to develop fundamental skills in the production of journalism across print, multimedia, web, and broadcast/radio platforms and to become aware of journalism history, careers, ethics use, and management techniques related to the production of journalistic media.  Some activities may be required outside of the school day. This course will be a combined School newspaper/yearbook program. This class will be limited to 20 students in which an application/acceptance will be required.

    Computer Science Discovery - Basic computing skills, how to navigate Office 365, learn the parts of a computer, how the Internet works 

    Digital Information Technology*$ - Learn coding through HTML and CSS and creating webpages (HS level class, certification) (Advanced Math required) 

    Introduction to Health Sciences (Pre-Med)*$ - This is a health course designed to provide general medical terminology and preparation for the Health Academy at Rickards High School. However, this course is not only for these students. The course will explore opportunities in the health career fields.


    *High School Credit Course
    $8th Grade Students Only