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    email: ricec1@leonschools.net

     If ClassLink is down and you need to get into CANVAS, the following link should let you sign-in. You’ll need to enter your full email address and password.   https://leonschools.instructure

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    • VUNN6J for Block 2 Mr. C's HR
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    • Click on Assignments





    The FSA Science Test will be on Tuesday, May 17th and Wednesday, May 18th.

    Missing assignments must be turned in BEFORE 5/25 to receive a grade.

    *Late Assignments *


    Spinning Thunderstorms (Readworks)

    What Happens When it Rains? (Readworks)

    Drip-Tips and other Plant Adaptations in the RainForest (Readworks)

    Comprehension, Winter's Tail Here

    Vocabulary, Winter's Tail Here

    The Spider and the Fly Here

    The Old Oaken Bucket Here

    Sara Sees Red Here

    Social Studies

    The American Revolution (Brain Pop Quiz)

    Causes of the Revolution (Brain Pop Quiz)

    Module 4.02 Quiz (Canvas)

    Module 4.02 Study Guide Here

    Taking Sides Scrapbook Here

    Vocabulary Words for Module 4.02 (Write the words and their meaning)

    • patriot, loyalist, undecided, primary source, secondary source, boycott, pamphlet



    The 5th Grade FSA ELA Test will be on Tuesday 5/3, and Wednesday 5/4

    Practice materials may be found at https://fsassessments.org/families.html

    You may download or view  the 5th Grade FSA ELA Practice Test HERE

    You may download or view the 5th Grade Practice Test Answer Key HERE


    Week of 4/25 - 4/29


    Ready Lesson 16 Understanding Literary Structure HERE 

    Passages and question set 4/28 "The Old Oaken Bucket"HERE

    Editing Task HERE

    "The Spider and the Fly" Assessment HERE

    Ready Lesson 13 Comparing Text Structures HERE 

    Social Studies

    In Canvas - Read module 4.01



    Week of 4/18 - 4/22

    Work for this week: 

    • Ready Lesson 15 Language and Meaning HERE
    • Idioms, Adages and Proverbs HERE
    • Passages and Questions HERE


    Assignments for ELA that are in Focus

    • 4 Paragraph essay - see videos and passages listed under 4/4 - 4/8
    • Main Idea and Key Details CLICK HERE
    • Finding the Main Idea and Key Details CLICK HERE



    Week of 4/11 - 4/15 **Please check daily for new assignments**



    Main Idea and Key Detail

    In ConnectED

    • Wonders Unit 3 week 4, read Gulf Spill Superheroes
    • complete mini-lesson, Main Idea
    • Your Turn, Comprehension and Fluency (complete and submit)

    We will also be working on Ready Lesson 1 this week,

    Finding the Main Idea and Key Details CLICK HERE


    Social Studies

    Module 3.01 in Canvas

    • Complete Study Guide (LATE) CLICK HERE
    • Complete module 3.01 quiz (LATE) in Canvas





    Week of 4/4 - 4/8

    FSA Writing Test Thursday ( students should be here by 8:25)


    Writing Video - Planning and Informative Essay Click Here

    passages for lesson Click Here


    Writing Video - Introductory Paragraph (Informative) CLICK HERE

    Writing Video - Topic Paragraphs (Informative) CLICK HERE

    Writing Video - Conclusion Paragraph CLICK HERE



    Week of 3/28 - 4/1


    Passages for writing Lesson 53 Zoo Animals CLICK HERE


    Writing lesson - Citing your Sources Click here



    Week of 3/21 - 3/3/25


     Coming home today are Course Request Forms from Fairview Middle School.  If your child is attending Fairview you must fill out the elective class portion of the form and return it to school tomorrow.  If your child is not attending Fairview you need not do anything.  Please make sure to leave the top box empty, teachers will fill these out when they are returned.  We will forward these on to Fairview later this week.  There are 3 or 4 students we are getting additional forms for.  

    FSA writing - Opinion Essays - Writing Practice Test tomorrow 3/23



    • FSA Practice Writing Test

    Social Studies:

    • In Canvas, read and interact with module 3.01
    • Complete module 3.01 Study Guide CLICK HERE


    Opinion Essay Writing - Planning Lesson 51 Student passages click here


    SPRING BREAK  3/14 - 3/18

    Monday 3/21  - No School - Teacher Planning Day

    Week of 2/28 - 3/4

    Wonders Unit 3 Week 3 Spelling/Vocabulary/Skills


    ELA In ConnectED

    • Study Vocabulary Unit 3 Week 3
    • Practice Vocabulary Activity U3W3
    • Complete Your Turn VocabulARY P.121


    In ConnectED

    • Read, "Patterns of Change"
    • Complete  Ask and Answer Questions mini-lesson (Use, " Patterns of Change")
    • Complete mini-lesson: Main Idea and Key Details


    In ConnectED

    • Complete Greek Roots mini-lesson 
    • after reviewing the Main Idea and Key Details mini-lesson, complete Your Turn p. 123-125

    Social Studies: LATE ASSIGNMENTS now DUE: In Canvas, module 2.04 Test, In Brain Pop: complete movie and quiz, "Regions of the Thirteen Colonies and , "Building the Thirteen Colonies"




    Week of 2/14 - 2/18


    Complete Vocabulary and Comprehension Selections

    Wonders Unit 2 Week 5 Test



    • Spelling Test, Unit 2 Week 5
    • Finish Black History Project 
    • Module 2.04 Study Guide 


    Catch up on incomplete work



    In Canvas, select Language Arts

    • Module 1.01 p. 1 - 5
    • Read, interact, take notes in your ELA notebook

    In ConnectED,

    • complete Spelling p. 62 and 63
    • complete Grammar p. 51 and 52

    Social Studies

    Brain Pop: Watch, “Regions of the Thirteen Colonies” and take the quiz

    In Canvas: Begin reading module 3.01,” The Thirteen Colonies”



    In Canvas, select Language Arts

    • Module 1.01 p. 5 - 9
    • Read, interact, take notes in your ELA notebook

    In ConnectED,

    • complete Spelling p. 64 and 65
    • complete Grammar p. 53 and 54

    Social Studies

    Brain Pop: Watch, “Building the Thirteen Colonies” and take the quiz

    In Canvas: Continue reading module 3.01,” The Thirteen Colonies



    Week of 2/7 - 2/11 - **Wonders Unit 2 Week 5 Test on Monday 2/14, Spelling Test on Tuesday, 2/15***


    Wonders Unit 2 Week 5 Vocabulary/Spelling/Skills

    Your Turn p. 91 - vocabulary practice

    In ConnectED - Read "A Simple Plan" and "Rescue"

    Your Turn p. 96 Rhyme and Repetition


    Reread "A Simple Plan" and "Rescue"

    Complete Your Turn p.95 Narrative and Free Verse


    Interactive Close Read (Level E) Determining the Theme of a Poem 

    Complete Ready Lesson 10 p, 150-151


    In ConnectED read "Catching Quiet" and "Stage Fright" (in ConnectED)

    Complete Your Turn p. 97-98


    "Campfire Reading" Fun Friday


    Week of 1/31 - 2/4


    • Complete Comprehension Selection, "Blancaflor" CLICK HERE
    • Complete Vocabulary Selection, "Blancaflor" CLICK HERE
    • In ConnectED, read "Blacaflor" to complete the above
    • Turn in Your Turn pages 81,85,86,87,88 (in ConnectED)


    Wonders Test Unit 2 Week 4


    Use Wonders Unit 2 Week 5 Skills/Vocabulary/Spelling Sheet (Click Here) to:

    • In your ELA notebook, write each vocabulary word + meaning
    • Write each spelling word 1x
    • Complete Your Turn page 91 (in ConnectED)

    Thursday - Ms. Rice will be out today


    • Readworks assignment (use login information at the top of this page)
    • Read e-book, Civil Rights on a City Bus

              Complete vocabulary activity, and answer all questions

             If it asks for a code/password: Jmc5th

               Read articles in, “The Exploration Issue” - open in Presentation Mode

    Social Studies

    • In BrainPOP, watch “Pocahontas” and complete a quiz (for review)
    • In Canvas, read module 2.04, “After the Discovery”
    • In your Social Studies notebook, write the meaning of the highlighted  words:

                 Interpreters, conflict, permanent settlements, ownership, alliances


    Week 1/24 - 1/28

    Wonders Unit 2 Week 4 Spelling/Vocabulary/Skills Sheet Click here


    • Introduce Unit 2 Week 4 Skills
    • In ConnectEd, study key vocabulary
    • Complete Your Turn p. 81


    In ConnectED, Read, "The Magical Lost Brocade"

    • Forshadowing, p. 142
    • Imagery, p. 142
    • Personification, p. 143

    Week of 1/17 - 1/21

    Monday - No School (Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday)

    Tuesday -

    • Wonders Unit 2 Week 3 Test Click Here
    • (You may print and complete or write the answers on a sheet of paper and bring with you when you return to class)
    • Vocabulary Selection "The Boy Who Drew Birds" Click Here

    Wednesday - Social Studies

    • Use module 2.01 (Canvas) to complete the Study Guide Click Here


    • use Study Guide to complete Test, module 2.01 in Canvas

    Week of 1/10 - 14

    • begin Epic Books assignment for the Principal's AR Challenge:

    Log into Epic Books Epic Books Sign-in

    Use  Class Code  din1108

    Read assigned book (in your inbox) "How to Take the ACHE Out of Mistakes "

    Read (in ConnectED Anthology, p.138) "The Boy Who Drew Birds"

    In ConnecED, Complete Respond to Reading," (Anthology p. 151)

    • Spelling Test, Unit 2 Week 3 on Thursday
    • Wonders Test, Unit 2 Week 3 on Tuesday

    Complete Readworks assignment, "Honoring King"

    • Log into Readworks Click Here
    • Type in class code 1234
    • Select class (Ms.Rice's HR or Ms. Rice's Block 2)
    • click on Assignments



    Week of 1/3 - 1/7

    Monday - No School

    Tuesday - Teacher Planning Day (No School)


    ELA - Skills for Unit 2 Week 3 Click Here

    • In ConnectED, Practice Key Vocabulary

    Social Studies - 

    • (In Canvas)Read module 2.01, "Exploration Across the Atlantic"
    • Write the meaning of the following words on a sheet of paper:   galleon, navigational devices ( also give 2 examples), accurate


    In ConnectED- Your Turn p. 73-75 


    Social Studies - In Canvas - Module 2.00 Pretest

    12/19 - 1/4- Winter Break ( No School)

    Week of 12/13 - 12/17

    Monday -Finish Your Turn pages Unit 2 Week 2

    Tuesday - Selection Vocabulary - Unit 2 Week 2

                    Spelling Test - Social Studies - Brain Pop and Quiz - The Inuit

    Wednesday - Wonders Test Unit 2 week 2 - Social Studies - Finish Inuit Brain pop

    Thursday - Finish Wonders Test 

    Week of 12/6 - 12/10

    Work on completing Tropicana Speeches - begin classroom competition on Tuesday

    (school competition on Wed 12/15)

    Wonders Unit 2 Week 2 Unit 2 Week 2 Outline, Skills and Vocabulary


    Week of 11/29 - 12/3


    • Wonders Unit 2 Week 1 Test tomorrow
    • To build background for test, watch "Civil War Causes" (in Brain Pop app on Classlink) and "Branches of Government" (in Brain Pop)


    • Wonders Test Unit 2 Week 1


    Tropicana Speeches (see the following attatchments) Speech GuidelinesSpeech Topic IdeasSpeech Tips

    • Choose a topic to write about that you are interested in
    • What are 3 different things about your topic that you can write/talk about?


    Watch video of Tropicana Speech Winners Click Here. Notice how the students

    • 1) introduce their topic
    • 2)Talk about points 1,2,3 and then
    • 3) Conclude their speech by restating their topic and 3 points

    Write your paragraph about point number 1


    Tropicana Speech Judging Sheet Click Here

    Model for Essay/Speech and Outline Click Here

    Coninue writing paragraphs for points 1,2 and 3. 

    Time yourself reading your essay/speech(must be 2 minutes but no more than 3 minutes long)


    Week of 11/22 - 11/26 Thanksgiving Holidays - No School


    Week of 11/15 - 11/19 - Spelling Test Thursday 11/18 - Wonder Test Unit 2 Week 1 Tuesday, 11/30

    • Spelling Test Unit 2 Week 1 on Thursday, 11/18
    • Picture Retakes Thursday, 11/18
    • Text Structure, Problem and Solution part 1 Cick Here (for 11/18 class lesson)
    • Text Stucture, Problem and Solution part 2 Click Here (for 11/18 class lesson)



    Week of 11/8 - 11/12  Wonders Unit 2 Week 1 Skills Sheet Click Here

    Monday  I will not be at school today or tomorrow. The teacher that is sustituting has printed work for you to complete in class. When done, complete these activities in ConnectED

    • Work through and study the Vocabulary words for Unit 2 Week 1
    • Play and practice the Vocabulary games

    Use the Unit 2 week 1 Spelling /Vocabulary list to help you


    In ConnectED

    • Review Vocabulary words and practice activities
    • Read, "Creating a Nation" 





    Week of 11/1 - 11/5

    Tuesday -Spelling Test Unit 1 Week 5

    Wednesday - Wonders Test Unit 1 Week 5

    Thursday - Turn in Social Studies Module 1.03 "From Woodlands to Plains" organizer

     Friday - Fresh Friday activities, IReady Math Standards Mastery, finish incomplete assignments


     Week of 10/25 - 10/29

    • Wonders Unit 1 Week 5 Spelling/Vocabulary/Skills Outline Click Here
    • Thursday, 10/27/21 Report Cards for the 1st 9-weeks are posted in Focus. For instructions on accessing them in Focus, Click Here
    • Fun Friday - Native American Totem Poles Click Here Native American Traditions,
    • Totem meanings Click Here
    • Brain Pop Brain Pop


    Week of 10/18-10/22

    Monday 10/18- Teacher Planning Day NO SCHOOL

    Tuesday, 10/19 - Unit 1 Week 4 PRACTICE Spelling Test

    Wednesday, 10/20 - STAR Reading Test

    Thursday, 10/20- Wonders Unit 1 Week 4 Test

                                   Unit 1 Week 4 Spelling Test



    Week of 10/11 - 10/15

    Wonders Unit 1 Week 4 - Spelling /Vocabulary Words Click Here

    In ConnectED

    • Study Unit 1 Week 4 Vocabulary words
    • Read, "Fantasy Becomes Fact"
    • Complete page 1 of Grammar Packet 
    • Write vocabulary words and definitions in ELA notebook
    • complete Your Turn Practice page 1

    Week of 10/4 - 10/8

    Unit 1 Week 3 Spelling Test: Tuesday, 10/5

    Unit 1 Week 3 Wonders Test: Wednesday, 10/6

    Social Studies:

    • In Canvas, use Module 1.02 to complete the Study Guide Click Here, 10/6-10/7
    • Social Studies Test (in Canvas) Module 1.02 Ancient North American Civilizations, 10/8


    Click Here for Wonders Unit 1 Week 3 Spelling/Vocabulary

    Week of 9/27 - 10/1 

    Social Studies - work on packet for Ancient Civilizations

    ELA - In ConnectED

    • Review and practice Unit 1 Week 3 Vocabulary
    • Complete Vocabulary Activity for practice


     Week of 9/13 - 9/17 

    Wonders Unit 1 Week 2 Spelling/Vocabulary Words

    Monday, 9/13

    Social Studies (in Canvas)

    • Complete module 1.01 Quiz
    • In Brain Pop, complete both assignments (Latitude and Longitude, and Map Skills)


    IReady Reading Instruction (20 minutes)

    In ConnectED

    • Review Unit 1 Week 2 Vocabulary

    Tuesday, 9/14

    ELA - in ConnectED

    • Practice the vocabulary activity
    • Read, "Whitewater Adventure"
    • Complete Your Turn page 11

    Wednesday, 9/15

    ELA - Idioms

    Your Turn Practice page 17

    Thursday, 9/16


    Friday, 9/17 WONDERS UNIT 1 WEEK 2: Spelling Test and Wonders Test on Wed, 9/22

    Comprehension Skill: Problem and Solution Text Structure

    • Your Turn pages 13-15

    Grammar - Subjects and Predicate - p. 6-7 Grammar Packet

     Week of 9/6 - 9/10 - Important: Wonders Test Unit 1 Week 1 on Friday, 9/10

    Monday, 9/6 - NO SCHOOL Labor Day Holiday

    Tuesday, 9/7

    • IReady Reading Instruction (20 minutes)
    • Context clues - Power Point Click Here
    • Complete Workbook pages 1 - 8
    • Grammar pages 3-5 (in ConnetED)

    Wednesday, 9/8

    • IReady Reading Instruction (20 minutes)
    • Reviewed Your Turn Workbook pages 3-5, and p. 7
    • Completed Context Clues/Sequence Worksheet Click Here Use text, "One Hen" (in ConnectED) to complete

     Thursday, 9/9

     IReady Reading Instruction - 20 minutes

    Social Studies -

    • review module 1.03 (Canvas) for quiz on Monday, 9/13. Make sure that you click the pink words and write the definition in your notebook (You may use your notebook on the quiz)
    • Complete both Brain Pop assignments- watch movies and complete quizzes (in Brain Pop on Class Link)

    Friday, 9/10

    Wonders Unit 1 Week 1 Test

    • Finish Your Turn WB pages and turn them in


     Week of 8/30 - 9/3  Unit 1 Week 1 Spelling Test on Tuesday, 8/31. 

    Monday, 8/30

    • IReady and STAR Diagnostics
    • Review Spelling words for Unit 1 Week 1
    • Practice Spelling Test - Use to practice for test tomorrow


    • IReady and STAR Diagnostics
    • Spelling Test - Unit 1 Week 1
    • Vocabulary Assignment, "One Hen" (Wonders Anthology)Click Here

     Wednesday, 9/1

    • IReady instruction - Reading
    • Comprehension Assignment, One Hen" Click Here ( go to ConnectED and read Wonders Anthology)


     Thursday, 9/2 - **Wonders Test has been postponed

    • IReady Reading Instruction (our goal is 45 minutes for the week)
    • Social Studies (in Canvas)
    • Module 1.01 Work through the module, pages 1-7.
    • Use the map to practice finding locations using latitude and longitude

    Friday, 9/3

    • IReady Reading Instruction
    • In Brain Pop watch movie, "Latitude and Logitude," and take the quiz
    • (In Canvas) Use information in module 1.01 to complete page 1 of the Study Guide* Click Here
    • * You may write the answers on a sheet of notebook paper and bring it when you return to school.

    Have a GREAT Weekend! Remember NO SCHOOL on MONDAY (LABOR DAY HOLIDAY)





     Week of 8/23 - 8/27

    ELA - this week wil be Wonders Unit 1 Week 1


    Unit 1 Week 1 outline, vocabulary and spelling words

    Read Wonders Workshop p. 22-25

    spelling page: short vowels

    grammar page: sentences and sentence fragments


    • Wonders Unit 1 Week 1 Spelling Test on Tuesday, 8/31
    • Wonders Unit 1 Week 1 Test on Thursday, 9/2
    • For outline of U1W1 Vocabulary and spelling words Click Here


     Week of 8/16 - 8/20

    Monday, 8/16 - NO SCHOOL (TROPICAL STORM)

    Tuesday, 8/17

    •  STAR Reading Diagnostic
    • Wonders Comprehension Pretest
    • Social Studies module 1.01 "Hunting for Physical Features" - Lattitude and Longitude 

    Wednesday, 8/18

    ELA - Textbook Scavenger Hunt (Wonders)

    Social Studies - (in Canvas) Pretest module 1.00

    Reading a Map -

    • Canvas module 1.01 pages 1 - 3

    Thursday, 8/19


    Continue in Module 1.01 - Practice finding points of lataitude and longitude

    Friday, 8/20


    Begin reading in Wonders Workshop, Unit 1 Week 1 p. 16-21

    Use Key Vocabulary Activity (assigned in ConnectED) to complete page 1 of the workbook