• Grading Policy

    • Participation 70% (this grade is weighted as Assessment in FOCUS due to the participatory nature of this class)Participation grades are averaged bi-weekly and uploaded to FOCUS on Mondays (usually). Bi-weekly participation grades consist of the following categories with the acronym CAMP:
      • 25% Cooperation with Partners
      • 25% Active Engagement  (this includes attendance and participation in TEAMS meetings for DA students!)
      • 25% Materials Management (safety, intended use, set-up, clean-up)
      • 25% Project Completion
    • Assessments 30% (weighted as Participation in FOCUS): quizzes, tests, and hands-on projects such as following a recipe, designing a garden plot, research and development projects.
    • Late work: materials, forms, family notifications, or assignments handed in late are discounted 25% each day after their due date.  These are considered participation grades.

    Class expectations: safety is of the utmost importance when using tools and equipment, therefore our class expectations reflect this understanding.  Students will:

    1. Be on time with all materials, a pencil, and appropriate clothing for our activities.
    2. Listen carefully with eyes, ears, and body language.
    3. Respect the teacher, each other, all materials and equipment, our workspaces, all living things whether plant or animal, and our school campus.
    4. Follow all teacher and presenter directions.
    5. Use appropriate language and voices to protect the learning environment.
    6. Comply with all school (Code of Conduct) and class Safety Rules (see, “Safety Contract”).

    First Warning: non/verbal reminder and redirection.

    • Safety Violations: also removed from activity for remainder of the day*

    Second Warning: student conference/Think Sheet and parent contact.

    • Safety Violations: also removed from activity for that day and the following day*

    Third Warning: office referral.

    • Safety Violations: also removed from activity for remainder of NINE WEEKS*

    *Students removed from activities for misconduct or Safety Violations will receive a “0” grade for whichever part of CAMP they failed to comply with for each day they miss activities, but will be given a paper-based assignment that must be completed to make-up for whatever project they will miss due to the violation.  Maximum credit students can earn on these alternate assignments is 75%.