• Class Structure

    All teachers will have varying times in their classes based on the content they are covering. I am going to start with the following schedule, subject to change, until I get in the classroom with the students. Then once we get into the swing of things, I may make some minor adjustments. The instructional class meets for 105 minutes, however during periods 3 and 4 there is lunch and a built in 30 minute homeroom where non-math information will be done with the students. I will prompt DA students when they can take a break, if they want, and when to return. If there is a problem with accessing the internet, a parent needs to contact me to let me know the absence was internet related. A student email telling me the internet was not working will not excuse the absence.


    Lunch is during Periods 3 & 4 and is from 11:25 to 11:55. Attendance will be taken between 11:20 and 11:25, DA students are expected to report to class and then may take the same time break for lunch and return at the same time as the Brick and Mortar students, 11:55. 


    On test days the schedule will be a little different, with a review and then the test. Tests will last for no more than 55 minutes to as closely mirror FSA conditions as possible. Our classes will be 105 minutes each period and will cover 2 lessons per class along with practice problem solving. Problem solving time can be done without being in front of the computer which gives all students a break from the monitor and helps to avoid monitor fatigue. 


    • 10 minutes:  Start of class, students write down instructional plan on class notes paper, pull up or get homework out, complete bell work and prepare for class. Attendance will be taken during this time. Roll will be called verbally as well as students posting "present" in the chat. All students must be present to have their attendance count. Students who are not present will be marked absent.
    • 10-15 minutes: review bell ringer problem and review/answer questions about prior assigned homework
    • 15-20 minutes : direct instruction Lesson 1 (PowerPoint presentations, note taking, videos, answer questions, solve example problems)
    • 10-15 minutes:  independent practice problem solving /review solution steps and problem solving (DA students: copy down the problems and may turn off the monitor and work without the monitor or can sit and problem solve and ask questions). This is the flexible time.
    • 5 minutes: Mask Break for B & M Students and DA students
    • 15-20 minutes: Direct instruction Lesson 2 (PowerPoint presentations, note taking, videos, example problems)
    • 10 minutes: independent practice problem solving / review solutions steps and answers (DA students: copy down the problems and may turn off the mintor and work without the monitor or can sit and problem solve and ask questions)
    • 5-10 minutes:  pack up materials and place notes & completed problems in folders, sanitize desks