• Geometry Honor's School SUPPLIES:


    1) School provided Chromebook, your own laptop, tablet, or desktop (DA) computer.                                                                                     


    2) Notebook or whatever keeps you organized – not necessary to bring to school.


    3) Notebook Paper (preferably college-ruled) for completing assignments & showing all work.


    4) 5-subject Spiral Notebook (preferably college-ruled) for notes, homework, assignments, and as needed.    


    5) Earbuds/Airpods for hearing assigned videos during class work time.   


    6) TEXAS INSTRUMENTS Calculator: TI-30Xa, TI-30XIIS, TI-30XS


    7) Protractor (plastic ones are transparent and therefore work best)


    8) Compass (metal ones work best)


    9) Pencils/Pens/Highlighter


    10) Graph Paper