• Basic Info

    Name- Hailee Morris


    Degree- Bachelors of Science from FAMU & pursuing a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction from FAMU


    Teaching experience- 2 years teaching; 10 + years tutoring


    Classes this year- 7th and 8th grade science


  • Greetings and Humble Salutations,

    I am Hailee Morris a proud graduate of the illustrious FAMU and science teacher here at Fairview Middle (7th and 8th general grade science). 

    I know that this new COVID-19 error has been an extremely difficult, stressful, and emotional time for most of us. (It sure has for me) I hope that all of you and your families are doing as well as can be expected. As we embark on this 2020-2021 COVID-19 school year my goal is to be of utmost service to you and your families. 

    Contrary to popular belief, this will be an Amazing school year. You will still be held to standards, you be will be held accountable, you will learn, you will grow, and hopefully you will enjoy the process along the way. I look forward to meeting each of you (even if it is only virtual)!

    I hope you find these resources easy to read and understand. If you have any questions or concerns please email me at morrish3@leonschools.net


    Be Safe! Be Great! Be Prepared for a fantastic school year!

  • Fun Facts

    Hobbies- Dancing, Cooking, Reading, Painting, DIY anything


    Passions - educating, learning, helping people discover their passions


    Favorite Types of Music- Jazz, Classical, Indie, R&B


    Favorite Books

    "Seven Spiritual Laws of Success" by Deepak Chopra

    " Please, Baby, Please" by Spike Lee and Tonya Lewis

    "The Anatomy of Peace- Resolving the Heart of Conflict" by The Arbinger Institute