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English Language Learners

  • During the summer, the LCS Parent Liaison, Mr. Amon Rwito held Reading Zoom meetings, by grade levels- K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9th grade. Mr. Rwito started the meetings in early May and continued meeting weekly through the week of July 6. The students read aloud and worked on reading strategies using supplemental reading program, Imagine Language & Literacy.  Mr. Rwito also worked with schools to procure and deliver digital devices to our ELL families not able to return to the schools to receive devices. 

    LCS parents and guardians selected to return to the 2020-2021 school year in one of four platforms: Option 1: Face-to-Face Traditional Instruction, Option 2: School Based Digital Academy-connected to their enrolled school or Hybrid Teaching Model, and Option 4:  Leon County Virtual School.  Ed Options ZOOM meetings were held with IRC and parents to discuss the Return to School Task Force committee findings, school board decisions, and parent options for the 2020-2021 school year.  The meetings, held with translators in Arabic and Swahili allowed opportunities for parents to read, ask questions, and hold discussions in their home languages. 

    Parents made Ed Options selection through our FOCUS Parent Portal account which can be translated in 6 languages. 

    The LCS District ELL team will work with ELL Committees at each site to identify ELLs who have regressed and determine if additional or supplemental English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) services are needed. The school site ELL committee will meet with parents, via TEAMS or ZOOM, along with an interpreter or Language Line translator services, to discuss the ELL student’s plan and the possibility of regression.  The committee will share with parents/guardians the plan for addressing the regression including class schedule, supplemental instructional tools, and at home services/strategies.  The supplemental materials will be noted on each student’s ESOL plan to ensure teachers are notified of need and documentation.  ESOL Plans and notes from each ELL committee meeting will be placed in the student’s ESOL (Red) folder and placed in LCS ESOL TEAMS school folder.

    • Monthly meetings with site ESOL Coordinators
    • Professional Development for ESOL Coordinators
    • Professional Development for ESOL Teachers
    • Professional Development for LCS Administrators
    • Supplemental Instruction which can be accessed at home through the student’s log in provided through:
      • Imagine Language & Literacy (350 Licenses)
      • Imagine Reading
      • Imagine Math (350 Licenses)
      • Rosetta Stone
    • Parent Liaisons- Spanish Mrs. Mara Scott and Swahili Mr. Amon Rwito
    • Meetings with Tallahassee Refugee Task Force Theresa Leslie, Refugee Services Community Liaison (Florida Department Children & Families)
    • IRC communication twice a month to share LCS district news
    • IRC ZOOM meeting to discuss language options on the LCS website (and training on how to access language options)
    • IRC ZOOM meetings to discuss receiving families transition to LCS & current families concerns/questions
    • Update LCS District website- which can be translated into over 30 languages
Last Modified on August 12, 2020