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Melody Dorsey

  • Registration is only available online.

    Students who are NEW to Leon County Schools must complete the online registration form. Click here to begin the registration process.  Students currently enrolled in a Leon County School do NOT need to complete the registration process.


    1. Pre-Enroll at



    2. Submit Required Documents to

    • Birth Certificate
    • Immunization - must be on a Florida Form
    • Health Form/Physical dated within 1 year
    • Primary Proof of Redience - Current Lease Mortgage Statement or Homestead Exemption
    • Secondary Proof - Easiest is City of Tallahassee or Talquin Electric statement
    • Withdrawal Grades, Transcript, Last report card, Test scores
    • Student Residency Questionnaire


    3. Documents will be verified by the Leon County Schools Office of Admissions


    4. LCS Office of Admissions will reach out to set up a Zoom meeting and complete registration


    5. Zoom and connect to your new community!!


    Residing with another family:
    The same two required proofs as above from the homeowner and two documents that have a current address with your name on it.  Also, these affidavits will need to be done. If you live with another person and the home mortgage or lease is in their name, you must complete an Affidavit of Residency. The person you are living with must complete the Homeowner’s-Renter’s Acknowledgement form. Both forms will need to be notarized.


    Constructing a new home:
    You must provide each of the following documents:

    • Copy of construction contract
    • Copy of builder's permit
    • Letter from the builder on letterhead stating projected completion and occupancy dates.
    • Once resisdency is established, the parent/guardian must provide proof of resisdency to remain at the school as stated above. 


    Information for Legal Guardians:
    Anyone wishing to enroll a minor student other than a parent must show proof of legal guardianship. This may be documented by a copy of: 1) legal documents showing that temporary or full legal guardianship has been applied for or awarded by a court of competent jurisdiction; or 2) documentation of placement under any court of competent jurisdiction or by any state agency having jurisdiction. LCSB Policy 3.02(2)(f)(1)


    Parent Portal:
    Once your student is registered, you will get an email containing your Parent Portal log in informaiton. Please follow the instructions and set up your account. Fairview is a paperless school and no Progress Reports, Report Cards, Honor Roll Certificates, State Test Data, etc will be printed unless requested. All documents will be posted to the Parent Portal.