How to Select your 2020-2021 Educational Commitment Option

  • On-line FOCUS Educational Commitment Form:

    1. Step One -
    Login to your FOCUS portal using a web browser (Google Chrome preferred) OR the survey can be completed on the LCS FOCUS App.

    Important Note - All functions related to Parent Portal accts can be handled with this link - Parent Portal Account instructions

    • If you do NOT already have a Focus portal account, you will need to register for a Focus Portal account. In order to be able to create an acct and attach your child, you must be listed as a Parent or Guardian with custody rights and your name must be entered EXACTLY as it is on file.  If you get an error saying "no matching contact", please contact your child's school to verify your contact info on file is accurate.
    • If you forgot your password, DO NOT create another account as it will cause significant problems, reset your password using the link above
    • If you have an existing account but need to ADD another child to your existing acct, add an additional child using the link above

    2. Step Two -
    Once logged in you will be presented with Pending Forms for each of your children – all forms MUST be completed before you will be able to view anything else in the portal
    This is a screen shot of a parent with 3 students.

Pending Forms
  • 3. Step Three -
     Click on the green In progress button to access the form – Complete BOTH questions and then press Submit and Finish.

    4. Step Four
    Repeat completing the form for each additional child.

Commitment Intent
Last Modified on July 7, 2020