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  • The Guidance and Counseling Department at Cobb Middle School is focused on the social, emotional and academic development of all students. Early adolescence is a unique opportunity in the life of an individual. There is rapid physical growth, greater ability to analyze and integrate new information and the expansion of social relationships. There can be new pressures to resolve as the youngster turns towards peers and away from parents as they seek to better define themselves.

    CMS counselors are an integral part of the teaming process. Counselors are liaisons between administrators, parents, teachers and students. Counselors attend team meetings to discuss individual student concerns. Counselors utilize opportunities to be involved with students in larger group settings.

    School counselors support students in a variety of ways:

    • Assisting students in their adjustment to the middle school and transition to the high school.
    • Assisting students in helping to resolve a difficult home or school problem.
    • Clarifying for students and parents the middle school curriculum, middle school requirements, student academic status, standardized test results, and how to find a “niche” at middle school.
    • Advocating for students to help them become better equipped to advocate for themselves.
    • Helping students develop better strategies and coping skills for managing personal, social and academic difficulties.
    Any parent who has a question or concern about his/her child’s progress in school is encouraged to contact the teacher. If further discussion or consultation is needed, parents should contact the guidance office. By working in partnership, we can assure a quality educational experience for all students.


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Guidance Department

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