Commitee Meeting Times:


    Public Relations:

    Information Technology:

    Community Services:

    Town Hall:

    Student Life & Academic Affairs:

    Rules and Calendar:


    Each of the 3 Senators represents two of Fairview’s 7 divisions.

    Senators are elected in the fall about two weeks after classes begin. To run for the Senate, you must file your candidacy application with the Student Government Advisors office by the advertised deadline.

    The Student Body President can appoint a student to a vacant senate seat after advertising the vacancy two times in a campus newspaper. Appointed senators require senate confirmation. To be considered for an advertised open senate seat for which you qualify, immediately complete an application through the advisors office.


     Student Senate seats are populated by school/student issues:

    • Student Health
    • Student Safety
    • Student Engagement
    • Student Morale
    • Student Academics
    • Student Athletics
    • Student Extra-Curricular Activities


    There are seven Senate committees:

    • Budget/Fundraising
    • Public Relations
    • Information Technology
    • Community Services
    • Town Hall
    • Student Life & Academic Affairs
    • Rules and Calendar


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