• Sight words (also known as high frequency words) are the words that most frequently appear in our reading and writing. Many sight words are decodable (they follow the regular reading rules) such as can, down, & this. Other sight words need to be studied and memorized, as they do not "follow the rules," (e.g., could, what, & said). Knowing sight words will help your child to become a fluent reader and comprehend grade level text.

    • Sight words are common words that kids recognize instantly without sounding them out.

    • Recognizing words by sight helps kids become faster, more fluent readers.

    • Many sight words are tricky to read and spell — they aren’t spelled the way they sound.


    There is a first grade printable list (by unit) available below. When your child has mastered all of the first grade words, check out the Fry Word list that includes 1,000 of the most commonly used words in the English language.

    We will be working on these words in class each day, but it is important to regularly practice them at home, as well! If you have any questions about sight words/high frequency words or need ideas on how to help your child with these words, please contact Mrs. Torgesen!