SYLLABUS for the Week of May 4th - May 8th

Syllabus for the Week of May 11th - May 15th


    Syllabus 5/11/20 – 5/15/20



    MEETING MONDAY TEAMS Video Chat with Class (Check your email for Chat invite in the morning, accept the invitation and it will automatically appear within your calendar in TEAMS program. Day of the chat go to your calendar, go to the date and time on your calendar, and click on the meeting event that appears.  Click join. 


    1st Period 11:00a.m 

    2nd Period 11:30a.m 

    3rd Period 12:00p.m. 

    4th Period 12:30p.m. 

    5th Period 1:00p.m. 


    Class Activity 


    Your last assignment will be this week. Congratulations on successfully completing your 7th grade year!  For this week you are to type a reflective journal entry looking back on this school year.  Your reflection should be a minimum of two paragraphs, writing about your favorite memories of this past school year in our class and then some of your favorite memories as a virtual student this past nine weeks.  Please keep your response school appropriate and remember to edit your reflection for correct grammar, spelling, punctuation and capitalization before submitting.  


    Directions to type, save and submit: 

    • Go to Classlink 
    • Click on Office 365 
    • Click on Word Online 
    • Type your reflection 
    • Save your document file to your one drive 
    • Go into Focus 
    • Upload the assignment by attaching the word doc from your one drive to the assignment listing in gradebook.