• Go Math Chapter 8

    Multiply Fractions By Whole Numbers

    Lesson 1:  Multiples of Unit Fractions

    Mr. Math Blog Lesson 8.1 

     Lesson 2: Multiples of Fractions

    Mr. Math Blog Lesson 8.2

     Lesson 3: Multiply a Fraction by a Whole Number Using Models

    Mr. Math Blog Lesson 8.3

     Lesson 4: Multiply a Fraction or Mixed Number by a Whole Number

     Mr. Math Blog Lesson 8.4  

     Lesson 5: Problem Solving Comparison Problems with Fractions

    Mr. Math Blog Lesson 8.5


    Chapter 8 Reteach Pages

    If a student is struggling with a particular lesson, these reteach pages are extremely helpful in breaking down each lesson. 


    Go Math Practice Book Chapter 8

    The Mr. Math Blog videos will help the students work through the complementary pages in the Go Math Practice Book. A link to the Go Math Practice Book is directly above and students should write down the numbers of the problems and their answers on a blank sheet of notebook paper. Once completed, a picture of the lesson can be submitted via Remind or email.