The transition to Distance Learning will be an adventure for us all.  As we know, this is an uncharted territory for everyone. So, it may not be easy, but it will be worth it! Just because the students are not able to physically be in the classroom together learning in person, does not mean they can't still be a part of a class community and learn the way they did before.  The goal is to mimic the physical classroom environment and procedures as accurately as possible so the students will begin to feel a sense of comfort in this very uncomfortable time in their lives.  

        Since this is so new to everyone, Distance Learning will look different in every classroom.  Many of us will be using different platforms.  We are all experimenting and figuring out which platform will work best for us and our students. My class is going to use the program the students already have access to via their classlink.  This program is called "Microsoft Teams".  Just about everything the students will need will be in Microsoft Teams.  They will have their own "student notebooks" which is basically their "virtual desk".  It will have their online textbooks, videos that will be used for instruction, and anything else they might need for "virtual" class.  We will also be able to meet via "video" as a class each day through Microsoft Teams.  The students will complete and submit their assignments through Teams as well.  The link below explains everything you need to know about Microsoft Teams so that you have more clarity before getting started next week.  It takes some playing around with but once you get it, you will see how convenient it is.  

    Microsoft Teams Overview for Parents

          The goal is for me to communicate directly with all of the students via this platform.  However, I will be posting the same information and assignments right here on my website if there ever comes a time that Teams is becoming a little too uncooperative for you.  I will do my best to help each student get this program up and running in a timely manner.  If there is ever a time that a particular website isn't loading, or you're unable to locate a particular assignment, it is OKAY.  This is new to all of us. I get it.  I am going into this situation with flexibililty and compassion.  We're all in this together.