• Learn-at-Home Packets: Information for Hawks Rise Parents

    Leon County Schools has developed learn-at-home work packets for students to complete the weeks of March 30 and April 6. These packets contain material that is a review of standards previously covered during the school year. This review work should ease students into the idea of learning at home. (These packets are for grades K-5. Our district office has built a separate website with at-home learning resources for pre-k students.)

    You can access the Learn-at-Home packets at www.leonschools.net/LearnAtHome.

    When you visit the link, you will be prompted to log in with your student’s username and password. The username and password format is as follows. Hawks Rise Parents, contact Mr. Sadler (sadlerj@leonschools.net) if you can’t get logged in. (If your child attends another school, contact your school.) The student ID number is 9 digits long and the lunch PIN is 5 digits long.

    • Username: StudentIDNumber@edu.leonschools.net
    • Password: student lunch PIN

    Some people who had login issues are just having someone else email them the packet. That is fine, but we do need to get everyone’s login working for the online instruction that starts April 13. So please still email Mr. Sadler if your student’s login is not working.

    Printing these packets out is not required. It is a little clunky, but there is a way to type answers into the packets using the free Adobe Reader app. Attached to this page is a video that demonstrates this process. If you want to try this, keep in mind that most computers do not open PDFs in Adobe Reader by default anymore. Macs open them in Preview and Windows 10 opens them in Edge. You will need to download and install Adobe Reader and set it as your default PDF viewer in order to follow along with the video. Visit http://get.adobe.com/reader to download the free Adobe Reader app.

    If typing directly onto the packets is too clunky, another option for students is to reference the packet on their computer or tablet, and then write their answers on notebook paper. Please try to label which question you are answering clearly on your notebook paper. Simply hold on to your answer sheets, and we’ll send more information soon regarding how to submit them. You will not need a printer or traditional scanner in order to submit your work, even if it is done on paper.

    Beginning Monday, April 13, we will move to an distant learning model through which teachers will deliver instruction in new material to all students. Much more information about our way-of-work for this new model of instruction will be forthcoming.