•  Pants

    *ALL Pants MUST Have BELT LOOPS With a Belt. Belts must be PLAIN black or brown only – no stripes or other colors on them.

    *Only Khaki colored pants, shorts, or skirts made of cloth material are allowed. Shorts and skirts must come to the knees.

    *No more than 4 pockets are allowed, all other pockets must be SEWN CLOSED at home (we do NOT do this at school). There should be no pockets below the student’s fingertip when arms are extended downward naturally.  We will NOT ALLOW students to cut off their pockets.


    * ALL WHITE SHIRTS ONLY! There should be NO INSIGNIA on shirts, jackets, etc.  Students are not allowed to cover insignia on shirts and jackets with colored tape that matches the clothing. Any undershirts must be white (no other colors are allowed).

    Jackets/Sweaters must be solid black, navy blue, or white - NO HOODIES. Sweatshirts must be ALL WHITE, NO HOODIES.


    *Any designs, logos or insignia on shoes must be the same color as the shoes. We will not allow students to color in insignia to match the shoes. Shoes must be SOLID colored black, brown, or white and close-toed. BOOTS are not permitted.


    *ONLY SOLID black or white socks will be allowed for both males and females.  NO other colors should be visible when wearing shoes.

    Personal Items

    *Students should NOT bring any personal items to school (this includes but is not limited to wallets, purses, jewelry – watches, necklaces, earrings, chapstick, make-up, perfume, etc.).  If candy, gum, or other food is found when clothing is searched, it WILL BE THROWN AWAY.