•  Pants

    *ALL Pants MUST Have BELT LOOPS With a Belt. Belts must be PLAIN black or brown only – no stripes or other colors on them.

    *Only Khaki brown colored pants or shorts made of cloth material are allowed (no denim material). Shorts must come to the knees.


    * ALL WHITE SHIRTS ONLY! There should be NO INSIGNIA/Logo on shirts, jackets, etc.  Students are not allowed to cover insignia/logos on shirts and jackets with colored tape that matches the clothing. Any undershirts must be white (no other colors are allowed).

    Jackets/Sweaters/Sweatshirts must be solid black, navy blue, or white - NO HOODIES.


    *Any designs, logos, or insignia on shoes must be the same color as the shoes. We will not allow students to color in insignia/logos to match the shoes. Shoes must be SOLID, colored black, brown, or white and close-toed. BOOTS are not permitted.


    *ONLY SOLID black or white socks will be allowed.  NO other colors should be visible when wearing shoes.

    Personal Items

    *Students should NOT bring any personal items to school (this includes but is not limited to cellphones, wireless headphones/airpods/earbuds, wallets, purses, jewelry – watches, necklaces, earrings, chapstick, make-up, perfume, etc.).  If candy, gum, or other food is found when clothing is searched, it WILL BE THROWN AWAY.