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Message From Mrs. Mayer

  • Dear Falcon Nation,

    We are in unprecedented times. Phase 1 of our district supported rollout of our distance learning plan by passing out our District Supplied packets. We will have paper packets available at the school, but they will also be available online at the school’s website under the “Learn At Home” tab at the top.  The packets provided do not contain new information, but are review.  We are asking that all students are able to log into their Office 365 from their ClassLinks page. If they are prepared to access their LCS email accounts and have everything prepared for Monday (3/30), it will be a much smoother transition. They should expect to be contacted by their teachers by Wednesday, April 1st to have a confirmation of the teachers’ plan. If they haven’t received and email by Monday, then the expectation is to begin working on the provided packet.  Teachers will also be maintaining their educational plan on their “Teacher Website”, which is also a tab on the main Fairview Website. This will also be the location where teachers will establish “Office Hours,” where they will be able to communicate quickly and directly with their students that have questions for them. This will not be a cookie cutter platform, but it will be differentiated by each teacher according to their needs.  On April 13th, teachers will be taking over instruction full time in their new distance learning format. So, we will be expecting students to review the teacher website, review and respond to email, and (if otherwise stated from the teacher) begin working on packets next week. As this is a new way of work for all of us, we are asking everyone to realize that there will be some growing pains for all parties involved, so we will all need to be patient in this process. We will be operating with three key words in mind:  Flexibility, Compassion and Grace. We are embarking on this adventure together!

    Our office hours will be 8:00 am – 3:00 pm. We are asking that we all follow the established guidelines by the CDC for social distancing and proper sanitation. To help us maintain appropriate procedures, we will be admitting families into the main office only ONE at a time. All others will be directed to wait in an outdoor (but shaded) location until the first family is done.  If you are just picking up a paper packet for your child, we will have a drive-through station along the bus ramp to accomplish this without needed to exit your vehicle.

    For our ESE students, please know that IEPs are still valid and accommodations for our students are still being given.  IEP meetings will still be taking place by using Microsoft TEAMS when available or conference calls when it is not.  More information will be coming to you about this at a later time. 

    It is the goal of Fairview to continue to provide for our students an education of excellence, regardless of the circumstances.

    We will “see” you all soon!

    Fairveiw Administration