• Hi there to all my students!

    I haven't gone away...just learning how to do this new kind of teaching.  Most of all, that includes learning how to help you all learn!

    This is a new adventure we're on together, and you all are going to shine!  As we "get the hang of it," (as we used to say!),  the rest of the year will be GREAT!  We got this!!!

    • We will be using the district-made packets as our grades for the first two weeks, so do your best to complete them.  When you complete them, send them to me so that I can grade them.  If you come across comething we have not learned, try your best.  Your efforts in this is an important part of your grade!  Keep reading through my website here, for directions how to send.  
    • HOW TO SEND WORK: Please write your name and assignment name on the Subject line.  Take a picture of your page(s) showing work, and email your assignment to me at: dubem@leonschools.net NOTE!!! Use ONLY your school  email.  I will be collecting assignments via email. Be sure to frequently check your email to keep up with all of your teachers and their assignments. Students, when you email me, I will only reply to your school based Office365 email account. 
    • This week I will be building our class information, so check every day to see anything new.

    Virtual Office Hours

    Since I cannot answer your questions in person, I have virtual office hours.  For now, those are:

           Monday through Friday:  10 am - 12 pm.  My phone number is:  (850) 329-5269.  If you have questions not during those hours, you can still call or text that number and leave a message for me, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  You can also text me through "TEAMS." You can reach me through my email:  dubem@leonschools.net.

    Office hours are for you to receive individual help with our assignments.  When you call, I will expect that you have already read any notes and/or videos and have tried practice problems before you call me.

    ***NOTE***The textbook we use with these lessons is available in Gradebook, under "Textbook Pages," as a link.  This is only the section of the textbook that we are using in these lessons.