• Hi there to all my new students! 

    I'm really excited to be back and jumping into this new school year!  Most of all, that includes meeting you all and helping you learn and progress in Math!

    This is a new adventure we're on together, and you all are going to shine!  As we "get the hang of it," (as we used to say!),  this year will be GREAT!  

    • If you are here with me in class, you're our Brick and Mortar students.  If you are a Fairview Falcon at home online, you're our Digital Academy students.  You will all be learning the same curriculum and lessons.
    • We will be learning how to use our platforms and programs for the first two weeks. Your efforts in this is important, as we are all working together to learn the new technology.  Stay tuned to my website here, for directions on how we will be learning this year, and instructions how to use our new tools. 
    • I will be building our class information and updating it regularly, so check every day to see anything new.

    Fairview Middle will use Block Scheduling this year for the very first time.   You will have three classes each day, which will give extra time for practice and help for your lessons.  Each teacher will have a Syllabus guide that will help you learn the things that will help make you a success at Fairview!

    One last reminder:  Masks are mandatory, so be sure to wear yours every day.  We will be following the 6-foot apart rule in our classes and at lunch.  Breakfast and lunch are free and available for all students, or you may bring lunch from home.  ⟨**Note:  No food (breakfast or lunch) may be delivered to school this year, even by parents.⟩

    Our Math class information is listed on my syllabus, which is found in Canvas, our new platform this year.  You may reach this by using Classlink, and once there, you'll be redirected to my homepage.  You will also have access to our online book this year.

    I look forward to meeting you all, and the great year we are going to have as Falcons!  

    See you soon!

    Ms. Dube