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Ms. Register

HELLO and WELCOME to World History

I am so excited that you are here ♥


My name is Ms. Register and I have spent the past 17 years working with students in the field of education. I am a graduate of the University of West Florida and Florida State University- GO NOLES! I teach 6th grade World History and am passionate about the topics that we cover! Ancient civilations are amazing and offer so many intriguing topics to study. From Australopithecus Afarensis to the Americas. 

I am also passionate about coffee, my family and our plethora of animals. My husband and I have an amazing 4 year old daughter as well as a small zoo that includes: 5 dogs, 3 cats and 1 extra large goldfish named Marvin. I love to read, swim, garden and cook.  

**I have held many hats over the years and experienced alot of things but never anything quite like what we have been experiencing as a nation! We must continue to hold each other up, be kind and hold space for alot of patience. We are learning this strange new world together and we will make it through!. Falcons Rise! **