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    Welcome Travelers to 6th Grade World History!

    Join me as we travel back in time to explore ancient civilizations and their unique cultures. Our class allows students to gain an understanding of how major events of the past have shaped who we are today as a society!  It is my goal to familiarize your child with theories, themes, events, and characters that have shaped our modern world! We begin our journey exploring a land before humans - then dive into the metemorphis that brought us to what we we are now and who we hope to become! 


      TEAMS is our working platform. TEAMS is where you will find all the latest info regarding our class, assignments, and announcements! TEAMS is best accessed through ClassLinks. Also check back here for announcements. 



    2:00-4:00pm Mon- Friday 


    (850) 583- 4668


      • HR @ke2394ad66
      • 2nd period @fd4bb84666
      • 3rd period @kcf3863c62
      • 4th period @eg334g9kb3
      • 5th period @cae2g323hc
      • 7th period @ebda7ah746

    Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.