• The Second Chance Mission

    The Second Chance School's mission is to provide a learning environment that allows middle and high school students to experience behavior success. Our goal is to provide an educational foundation that promotes integrity, self-worth, and lifelong learning that fosters healthy, productive, responsible members of society.

  • Expectations 

    The Second Chance School acknowledges that conduct is closely related to learning - an effective instructional program requires an orderly school environment and the effectiveness of the educational program is, in part, reflected in the behavior of students.

    The school and community hold the highest expectations for the conduct of all students in order to create a caring and safe environment that prepares learners for success in school and society. Violence in this school shall not be tolerated and students who engage in violent or criminal acts on school property, on a school bus or other school-sponsored transportation, at a school bus stop or during school-sponsored activities will receive the most severe consequences provided for by this policy.

    The Second Chance School believes that the best discipline is self-imposed and that students should learn to assume responsibility for their own behavior and the consequences of their actions. The school has zero tolerance of violent, disruptive, or inappropriate behavior by its students.

    The Second Chance School shall require each student of this District to adhere to the Student Code of Conduct/Student Discipline Code adopted by the Board and to submit to such disciplinary measures as are appropriately assigned for infraction of those rules. Such rules shall require that students:

    • conform to reasonable standards of socially-acceptable behavior;
    • respect the person and property of others;
    • preserve the degree of order necessary to the educational program in which they are engaged;
    • respect the rights of others;
    • obey constituted authority and respond to those who hold that authority;
    • be in school and learning every day;
    • demonstrate quality and pride in their academic work and co-curricular activities;
    • refrain from any conduct that interferes with another student’s opportunity to learn;
    • contribute to a safe and orderly learning environment by respecting themselves and others, their property and school rules and regulations.

     The Second Chance School and its staff are expected to provide a supportive learning environment with a fair and equitable application of rules and procedures without regard to real or perceived race, religion, color, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, ancestry, national origin, political beliefs, marital status, age, social and family background, linguistic preference, or disability.

    Parents/Guardians and the community are expected to support student learning and the maintenance of a positive, safe and orderly learning environment and shall be encouraged to be involved in planning programs for the school or their individual student.

    Each student while waiting at a school bus stop, during the time he or she is being transported to or from school, during the time he or she is attending school, participating in school activities on or off school campus, or is presumed by law to be attending school, and during any time he or she is on the school premises shall be under the control of the principal in charge of the school, and shall be subject to these provisions.

    Failure to meet the above expectations, in-school misconduct, or other inappropriate behavior on the part of the students shall require interventions and, when necessary, informal or formal consequences.

    The Student Code of Conduct/Student Discipline Code designates sanctions for the infractions of rules, excluding corporal punishment, which shall:

    • relate in kind and degree to the infraction;
    • help the student learn to take responsibility for his/her actions;
    • be directed, where possible, to reduce the effects of any harm which may have been caused by the student's misconduct.

    This comprehensive discipline plan has been developed following School Board Policy 5500 Student Discipline, and the Principles of Conduct for Leon County Schools’ students to deal with day-to-day discipline issues. This plan provides the school with a guide to implement safe, productive, and straightforward solutions that can be administered immediately. It also ensures due process for the students.

    Students who violate attendance or disciplinary policies shall receive consequences according to the guidelines and procedures outlined in Leon County Student code of Conduct Handbook and the Second Chance attendance/discipline plan.

    The contents of this discipline plan may be revised at any time as necessary and appropriate, based on changes to local, state, and federal statutes and policies.

    In addition to any disciplinary action imposed for violation of these policies, the student will receive appropriate counseling from the school guidance counselor and/or intervention specialist and may request the opportunity to reconcile the existing conflict.