• 7th Grade Open House!





    I would like to welcome everyone to Civics this year. This year is going to bring a lot of interesting challenges but also a chance to learn a lot about the country we live in. All work in this course will be done on a computer or similar device so please make sure you have them every day. Please make sure you are checking Canvas daily for updates on what is going on in class. You can access Canvas by going to the class link and then finding the canvas app. 


    Students still need to obtain 4 quality points to move on from the 7th grade. If you have any questions about quality points feel free to email me or your guidance counselor.

    Contact Information

    You are welcome to message me through Teams or Canvas directly, but the best way to contact me is via email

    Email: StantonM@leonschools.net





    For brick and mortar students, attendance is like it always is. If you are a Distance Academy student, you will need to type to me in Zoom at the start of class so I know you are present. If you do not check in the first 15 minutes of a class period, you will be considered tardy.