• Health (1st period) Open House video= Click here for pd 1 Open House Video


    Biology Class (8th grade magnet team) Open House Videohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPvDlrIJm6Y&t


    Welcome to Mr. Moran's teacher website for 2020-21 school year!

    This year I will be teaching 8th grade Biology Honors (periods 3,4,5,6) and Health (period 1) classes. Altough school this year will not look familiar in our practices, our goals remain the same; preparing students to become proficient scientific thinkers in future academics and in every day situations. 


    Communication will be of the utmost importance this year regardless of which learning option your family has chosen to begin the school year with.

    Mr. Moran's Contact Information

    email- moranm@leonschools.net

    FMS phone-850-488-6880

    Planning period/Office Hours: 2nd period= Blue days (9:30-11:15 am)

    Email is my preferred means of communication for both parents and students as I can reply promptly throughout the day. We will also utilize email to schedule zoom meetings for various purposes (parent conferences, teacher/student 1 on 1 help, digital assessments, etc.).


    Class Supplies

    Both Digital Academy and Brick and Mortar students will be expected to have access to the following supplies for Biology class. 

    • FMS (or other) Planner or scheduler
    • Device to access virtual course work 
    • ear buds
    • USB wireless mouse (optional)
    • A positive attitude
    • Mask or approved face covering (Brick & Mortar students only)                                                  
    • Personal water bottle (Brick & Mortar students only)