• Welcome back Falcons!

    I know there are a lot of changes happening right now. You are not alone in this. Each of your teachers are here to help make this as smooth a transition as possible. We are learning and figuring things out as we go – just like you!

    As we go into this fourth quarter, the most important thing for you to do is COMMUNICATE. Especially with all these new platforms and ways of work, any time you have a question, please ask it as soon as possible; don’t wait until it is too late. You can email me at lopeza@leonschools.net, message me on my teacher Instagram @lopezteaches, or call me on TEAMS by sending a video request.

    Office Hours

    I will have “Office Hours” every weekday (Mon-Fri) from 10 - noon. This time is set aside every day to talk to you, answer questions, and help with anything else you need. If you cannot make it during my scheduled time, you may set up an appointment at a different time through email.

    You are responsible for checking in with me at least once a week. That means I need to be able to see your face or hear your voice at least once a week to mark you “present” for the week’s attendance. You will receive a weekly ATL grade for keeping up with this.


    REMEMBER: You are still responsible for earning your quality points for the 4th quarter. It is your responsibility to keep up with work each week and to be checking in with me regularly. If you have any questions about your quality points (or anything else!), please contact me as soon as possible.

    Each week, I will post the week’s assignments under my “Announcements” tab. You will typically have 2-3 assignments from me per week. I will update grades for these assignments on Fridays. See the list below for a breakdown of each grading category:

    Approaches to Learning (10%)

    • 9 grades for the quarter
    • All grades in this category come from checking in weekly either by phone or video call during scheduled Office Hours

    Classwork / Homework (20%)

    • 12-15 grades for the quarter
    • Every week you will have one CommonLit article to complete (8 in total - you will not have one during Week 1).
    • Most weeks you will have one additional assignment to complete based on the week's lesson.

    Assessments (70%)

    • 3-4 grades for the quarter
    • Every 2-3 weeks you will have an assessment to complete.
    • These can vary from projects to tests and even virtual escape rooms!

    Virtual Teaching Platforms

    We will primarily be using TEAMS and CommonLit, both of which can be accessed through Class Link. If other platforms will be used, I will update this website accordingly.