• Dear Students and Parents,

    I hope everyone is doing well during this time at home. Our new normal is going to take some getting used to, but I will try my best to make this transition as smooth as possible. Fairview’s new motto is Flexibility, Compassion, and Grace. As of now, we are expected to stay home for distance learning through May 1st. That date may be extended, so we will have to keep updated with what is mandated by our county and state government.

    In regards to the Distance Learning Packet created by the district I want you to complete Week 1 of the packet. Students - please follow the assignments posted in teams. Teams will be the primary platform for all work to be completed.

    *Students: Please check your email every day and reply as needed.*

    Students once you download the Teams app and are in your class please a message letting me know that you made it to the class. Also, please know that your messages can be seen by everybody. 

    Email me - johnsond10@leonschools.net

    Message me on TEAMS by clicking on chat, typing in my name, and sending a message

    Google Phone- (850) 583-6835


    Assignments will be posted in the "Assignment" tab. Each week you will have 2 assignments. Grades will be updated on the regular. Remember, the grade breakdown is:

    • Approaches to Learning: This will be your "check-in's" with me via TEAM call or video conference.
    • Classwork/Homework: Worksheets, YouTube videos, and the Learn at Home packets are grades that you will receive.
    • Assessments: It will be questions pertaining to content we have covered. We will have anywhere from 2-3 where you will have to show me how to solve problems given via video call on the teams app. 


    You have different options to submit assignments. Please use whatever works best for you! Students will be able to use their GO MATH books located under MyHRW on their classlink.

    If the assignment is on paper, you may either:

    • scan the assignment and send it to my email or text through Remind App (information on "Student Resources" tab)
    • take a photo of the assignment and send it to my email or text through Remind App
    • type the answers in an email or text to Remind App
    • drop off the assignment(s) to the Front Office with your name, my name, and class subject

    If the assignment is electronically, make sure to submit through the platform it was assigned.

    If you have any issues completing the assignment(s), please let me know as soon as possible so we can find a solution.

    Office Hours & Checking In

    I will be having office hours Monday-Friday, 12:00pm-2:00pm. The purpose of these hours is to check in on you, answer any questions/concerns, or help you with anything else you need. If you are not available during these hours, please email me and set up an appointment with a date/time that works best.

    You are responsible for checking in with me at least once a week either during office hours or at a point during the day. That means I need to be able to see your face or hear your voice at least once a week to mark you “present” for the week’s attendance. You will receive a weekly Approaches To Learning (ATL) grade for keeping up with this. 


    We are almost to the end so let's make the rest of the time enjoyable. You guys are truly missed!!!!