WELCOME to 8th Grade US HISTORY


    Hello!!!! I hope you are all safe and healthy!!!! These are some different times that we are going through together. Everyday will bring brand new challenges and I look forward to meeting these challenges with you.

    Platform- I will be using Canvas to conduct my class. You can access Canvas and through your Classlink tiles or Office 365. 

    Quality Points- In order to be promoted to high school, students must pass all three years of their core classes. To pass a core class, you must earn 4 quality points with one point being earned in the third or fourth nine weeks. You will be responsible for earning four quality points for this school year in order to be promoted to 8th grade. 


    I look forward to working with you all!! Don't hesitate to reach out if needed. This is the time for creating our new normal. I appreciate your patience and assistance through this transition.  

    Germaine Harley

    8th Grade US History