• I hope you all are doing well and are staying up to date on some of the new science unfolding on the news in regards to COVID-19/Coronavirus. Quarter 4 has started and you are now learning from home. This website along with the resources that will be posted for you in the coming days and week will hopefully help ease this process of online learning for you and your parents.  


    Remember you need 4 quality points to pass 6th-grade comprehensive science. Please keep in mind how many quality points you need to earn for this quarter to pass 6th-grade comprehensive science.  If you have any questions please contact me.

    Grades and Assignments

    As you learn from home you will need to visit this website daily to stay up to date on your lessons, assignments, and learning videos and resources you will need to use for science class. 

    I will post all assignments on this website on the assignments page. To ensure that all students receive the assignments, I will also post them in Teams and send them through Remind. The assignments I post on Teams and Remind are the same assignments posted on this website on the assignments page. You can submit your work through email, Remind, or Teams.

    All work is due by May 22, 2020. The deadlines you see for individual assignments should be used as a pacing guide preventing you from falling behind on your work. The earlier you submit your work the sooner I can grade it, and return it to you to make corrections for a higher grade. I will update the grades every Friday. 

    Note: If you are having trouble editing a pdf you can print out the assignment, record your answers on it, take pictures of your answers and submit them. If you are unable to print your assignment you can write your answers on a separate sheet of paper with a title (use the title on the assignment) and your answers numbered as they are on your worksheet.

    Office Hours

    Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 11p.m.-1p.m.

    Contact Information

    Email: flowersk@leonschools.net

    Remind: See instructions on this page

    Video Conference: Teams through Office 365

    Google Voice Phone: (850) 583-4232 *You can call or text*



    I will use this messaging platform to communicate with both students and parents. Besides email, you can communicate with me through this platform. You will also submit your assignments through this application. I strongly encourage you to sign up to get notifications from Remind either by downloading the app or subscribing through text. 

    To join my class, please do the following: 

    1.) Text whichever code below that corresponds with your class to the number 81010

    • 3rd Period: @kfpd3
    • 3rd Period Adv: @kfpd3adv
    • 4th Period: @kfpd4
    • 5th Period: @kfpd5
    • 6th Period: @kfpd6
    • 7th Period: @ kfpd7

    NOTE: Students under the age of 13 will need to also add a parent email or phone number.  Parents of students 13+ are still welcome to subscribe themselves to the messages as well.

    2.) Follow the prompts through text - it will ask you some information like your age and school identification number.