Welcome to Fairview Middle School Open House

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    Mr. Lee Cameron, IB Prep Coordinator


    Now a message from the IB Prep / General Ed Teachers


    The policies and practices are the same for all of my classes. The IB Prep teachers have both IB classes and a non-magnet class but all students are receiving quality instruction. I am grateful to be your child's teacher and welcome you to my website and on-line classroom. If I can be of any assistance, please feel free to contact me at burnsp@leonschools.net














    Welcome  Welcome to 6th Grade IB-Prep 2020-20211So Glad You Are Here!


    I am Mrs. Burns your math teacher and I am thrilled to be back at school. Whether Brick and Mortar or Digital Academy, everyone is learning from a computer and we are going to all be learning the same curriculum. This is a new year, a new way of learning, and a new way of teaching. Together, we are going to make this a very successful year. Block schedule is going to be a big change for you but...


     You will have time to learn the material, practice problem solving under my watchful eye, and have more time to ask questions. Best of all, you only have 3 classes per day! (hint: if you have any homework, finish it on the day's you have class, don't wait until the next day when you may have forgotten what happened in class)


     My course pacing, lessons, supplemental materials, and all materials are located in  Canvas which is accessed using Classlink. Once in ClassLink, click on canvas   , you will be redirected to my homepage and directions will tell you where to go next. Textbooks are located in ClassLink and are accessed through the My HRW tile.

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    (if you are unable to log into ClassLink, contact the school 850-488-6880)

     I look forward to seeing you in class!

    Mrs. Burns

    6th Grade IB-Prep Mathematics

    Robotics Faculty Sponsor