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    We are in WEEK 3 of Distance Learning...so far so good! 

     Thank you for your patience and understanding as I continue to work on making our transition to an on-line learning platform as smooth as posible. How I am going to teach and you are going to learn math is going to be an interesting journey. I will make mistakes (like forgetting to click the right box for you to hear the audio on the videos) and mess up (trying to write on whiteboard with a stylus is not going so well), and just as I get the hang of it, we may be back in the classroom and will check this off the list as another experience. I expect this quarter will be kinda like a wild carnival ride, sometimes it will be fun, other times we will just want to get off the crazy ride.

     I will still find ways to share my silly stories just to break up the stress of this difficult time in history. 

    Student Information: 

    1) Distance Learning Details: the details about how Distance Learning will occur with my classes is contained in the Distance Learning document in the Important Documents area of the webpage (look at the pink box on the left to find Student Resources). This document is very important and will answer my questions you may have throughout this time of Distance Learning.

    2) EMAIL: we will be emailing each other this quarter and I will be collecting assignments via email (either a scanned document, cell phone picture, or sharepoint). Be sure to check your email, at a minimum, daily to keep up with all of your teachers and their assignments. Students, when you email me, I will only reply to your school based Office365 email account. 

    3) TEAMS: you have been signed up in TEAMS where you will meet with me during my daily instruction hours. If you are unable to come to Teams during my hours, when I teach a lesson there will be videos, powerpoint presentations, or some other form of instructional medium that will also be posted to Edmodo (just like always) in a specially named folder. Monday and Wednesday I teach mini-lessons and the work on practice problems and Tuesday and Thursday is homework review or problem solving. We meet as a group and you all pop in to the team meeting if you can and leave when you feel you need to. It is not mandatory to attend the instructional hours but if you miss the lesson, be sure to check the class materials on Edmodo.

    4) WEB PAGE: I will post announcements on this web page (under announcements) as well as on Edmodo. Check the Announcements Page, Assignments, Resources, and Calendar to keep up to date.

    5) EDMODO: I will continue to use Edmodo as where homework will be posted in addition to this web page. Please remember, do not post messages on Edmodo but if you have a question, use school email or come to instructional hours. Supplemental materials will be posted in Folders (as always) and instructional videos will be posted there along with additional resources. Lesson Plans will also be posted to Edmodo to assist in planning your distance learning for the week.

    6) STUDENT INSTRUCTIONAL HOURS: Daily from 12:00 to 2:00. During this time, I will review content, try to teach content, and help with assignments.

    7) HOMEWORK: Homework will be given but I will note when the assignment is to be turned in and when it will be reviewed in class. Do not turn in every assignment we do, just the ones that are specifically stated to turn in. (send via email). MobyMax will continue to be assigned and you don't have to turn anything in, I can go on line and get the scores.


    Here is the IB Prep 6th Grade Instruction Schedule

      Ms. Kirkendoll   10:00 - 12:00

      Mrs. Burns        12:00 - 2:00

      Mrs. Cameron    2:00 -  4:00

      Mr. Johnson       2:00 -  4:00




    This page is a work in progress and as I think of things I will update and keep adding. Be sure to check in regularly to see if I have another fleeting thought.

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    All posts are subject to change or modification as deemed necessary by the teacher.