• Welcome!   It is time for us to begin the 4th quarter of our school year, and we must work together to accomplish effective "distance learning" practices.  This is going to require patience and troubleshooting from both myself, as well as all of my students.   Currently, we are using Microsoft Teams (which you can access through your Office 365 account) to post lessons/homework/quizzes to the students.   I also use Teams to hold "office hours" in order to answer questions and provide feedback/instruction to students that log in during that time. 

    Each of my classes has group on Microsoft Teams, and each of my students is enrolled (by class period).  Please check your Microsoft Teams group for all classwork and test grades for the remainder of this school year. 

    I have posted a video with instructions to our Edmodo groups, as well as each classes Teams page.  Please visit these pages for further instructions.

    I will continue posting my lesson plans to Planbook.com.  If you require the code to access the plans for your class, pleaes email me. Work is assigned each Monday, and is due on Friday. 

    If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to email me at mayerd@leonschools.net

    My Office Hours on Teams are 12 - 2 PM, daily.  Please feel free to either email me at mayerd@leonschools.net, or use the Chat feature in teams to contact me at that time.

    Please remember that the grades for this quarter WILL COUNT towards your report card, and towards your GPA.