• Hello! My name is Mrs. Daniel, and I am so excited to learn with you this year!


  • Mr. Daniel and I
  • My sister and I


    Let me tell you a little bit about myself! I grew up in St. Louis, Missouri with my mom, dad, and two sisters! I recently moved to Florida in 2019 with my husband, Mr. Daniel. I went to school at Harding University, where I attained a degree in Elementary Education, as well as a Master of Arts in Reading with a Dyslexia Endorsement. My hobbies include, reading, playing piano and guitar, singing, playing board games, rock climbing, hiking, gardening, and teaching of course! My goal as a teacher is not only to teach my students, but to do so in an engaging way that is helpful for each individual student. Together, I believe that we can all become lifelong learners!

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