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    Our days are full of fun while learning, plans are developed according to state pre-k standards, with a curriculum covering all developmental areas. 

    The day starts with a "Question of the Day" that leads into a large group lesson about the theme which we call Studies.  This is followed by a Social Emotional lesson.  We then have small groups that include read alouds, reading readness, math science, social studies, art and music lessons.  We go to room 01-103 for center time; we call this choice time. Music and movement along with playground time are always a favorite time of the day. Our day finishes with review and a sneak preview of the next day's lesson.

    The curriculumn we use is called "Creative Curriculumn" by Teaching Stratergies. This is a wonderful developmental appropriate program.

    Check out our Pre-k standards at http://flbt5.floridaearlylearning.com/

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