• Mr. Sprayberry's 7th Grade Science Class




    CONGRATULATIONS!!  You have made it to the last week of School!  All of your work should be completed by now.  There is no new work this week.  Your job this week is to check your Grade in FOCUS and look for anything you feel is not right.  Mostly you are going to look for "Z".  If you have a "Z" it means your assignment is not complete.  You may have started it, but it never got finished.  So for all your "Z"s go check the Assignment in Teams and then check the corresponding Pearson Realize activities.  Be sure to check the "In Progress" tab in Pearson - if you already started your assignment but did not finish it will be there.

    Work hard to finish up strong!






    Teams Info

    While we are in Virtual School, we will be using the application called "Learn at Home - Teams" to communicate and sometimes submit assignments.  To get to this application, log into ClassLink and look for the icon titled "Learn at Home - Teams".  You can use the icon titled "Learn at Home - Students..." (full name is "Learn at Home - Students Website") to learn all about Teams.