• Lesson 1: Introduction to Computers

    In this lesson, you will discover what defines a computer. You will discuss how computers are used and identify the parts of a computer system. You will also explore the various types of computers.

  • Lesson 2: Computer Hardware

    This lesson introduces the core components that comprise a computer system unit. These components include the case, RAM, CPU, motherboard, power supply, hard drive and expansion cards. You will explore various types of input, output and data storage devices in this lesson. You will also learn about the various connectors and ports associated with the system unit.

  • Lesson 3: Computer Software

    This lesson provides basic information about computer operating systems and software. You will learn about various types of software, including system and application software. You will also learn guidelines for managing files and identifying file name extensions.

  • Lesson 4: Computer Networking

    This lesson introduces computer networking and the terms associated with it. You will explore the various types of networks, network topologies, network models and network connection methods. You will also learn how two devices on a network interact through protocols and the OSI reference model.

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