• Office of Prevention, Intervention, Equity & Support Services


               Doc 5                      

    Dr. Kathleen Rodgers Assistant Superintendant LCS                                                   

    Office of Prevention , Intervention,

    Equity & Support Services                                                  




    The FIT Staff, Guest Speakers, alone with Dr. Rodgers, and Superintendent of Schools Rocky Hanna.






    Audience2                             Crowd1

       The workshop brought a nice crowd.                                                                All eager and waiting to share.

         Rocky                             workers                               

                      Superintendent Rocky Hanna

               having an interesting conversation.                                                           Helping where help is needed.



    Rev              Amy                                                      

          Guest Speaker Dr. Judy Mandrell                                                   FSU Women Golf Coach Amy Bonds                                                                       



     skeaker                  LCS Staff


         Making everybody aware of our services.                               LCS Staff paying close attention to our speakers.







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