Reading Curriculum

         SRA Imagine It!
    SRA Imagine It! is a research-based and comprehensive curriculum that provides instruction of phonemic awareness, phonics, and word knowledge; comprehension skills and strategies; inquiry skills and strategies; writing and language arts skills and strategies. Imagine It! combines the strength of proven, research-based instruction with fun, friendly, and engaging features.  The program includes the latest discoveries about the most effective ways for children to learn to read and write.  All strategies and skills are arranged from the simplest to the most complex.  Because the skills build upon one another, children are able to grasp complex concepts more easily.
    It's purpose is to:
       Establish the building blocks of early literacy and language skills
       Build awareness and enjoyment of poems, stories, books and literature
       Introduce the alphabet letters, along with their sounds and relationships
       Teach children about stories and how they work 
        Involve children in art, dramatic play, listening, writing, math, health, science, and social studies

        Provide hands-on activities to foster and reinforce learning

     Oral Language Curriculum

         Talkies: Oral Language Comprehension and Expression

    The Talkies Program is designed for students who need simpler, smaller steps of instruction to establish the imagery-language connection.  The goal of Talkies is to develop dual coding imagery and language as a base for language comprehension and expression.  Talkies is especially helpful for students with limited oral vocabulary and/or limited ability to verbalize.  Research indicates Talkies benefits students diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.  Talkies is ideal for any preschool child.

     Experiential Learning Curriculum

         DLM Early Childhood Express

    The DLM Early Childhood Express curriculum is a holistic, child-centered program and provides a wealth of ideas to foster the social-emotional, intellectual and physical development of children.  It nurtures the natural curiosity and sense of self that serve as the foundation for a lifetime of learning.  It provides links among the program’s subjects, helping children build upon patterns in learning.  It makes instruction more relevant by connecting what a child knows with new experiences.  

     Computer Curriculum

         Waterford Early Learning Program

    Computers are part of daily school life, and your child will participate in special curriculum that introduces and builds computer skills.  Building early foundations, Waterford Early Learning Program’s engaging digital curriculum provides an individualized experience from introduction to mastery of critical concepts in reading, mathematics, and science.  With curriculum aligned to the Florida Early Leaning and Developmental standards for mathematics and language arts, Waterford guides our students as they discover the fun of learning.

    Character Education: 

          Sanford Harmony

    Sanford Harmony is a social emotional learning program for Pre-K-6 grade students designed to foster communication, connection, and community both in and outside the classroom, and develop children into compassionate and caring adults.  The themes include Diversity and Inclusion, Empathy and Critical Thinking, Communication, Problem Solving and Peer Relationships.

Last Modified on January 10, 2020