6th, 7th, and 8th grade

    2018- 2019

    Ms. Gail Cassidy Chrestensen



    Classroom Expectations:







    Course Description:

    Students will learn to apply strategies to improve their reading comprehension of all forms of text including literature, information text, and technical material. Students will expand their academic and functional vocabulary.  Students will use a web-based reading program, Achieve 3000, two to three times each week in Reading class. No textbook will be issued:  however, students will occasionally use a class set of books called, Reality Central in the classroom, along with Flocabulary, Scholastic ACTION, a supplemental reading comprehension magazine, as well as “Hour of Code”, an introduction to computer coding.


    Required Materials:

    Students will need to come to class each day with a school-issued agenda book, a designated notebook with pockets, pen or pencil, and a highlighter.


    Technology Requirements:

    Students will have the opportunity to use the Achieve 3000 program for additional home practice.



    70%   Assessments: tests, quizzes, and projects

    30%   Classwork:  bellwork, classwork, Achieve 3000

    Your student will not have any homework, unless he or she has been absent or requires extra time on an assignment. Work is due the day it is assigned.  If a student has been absent, he or she has one day for each day missed to complete any missing work.  Students with IEP or 504 accommodations that stipulate “extended time”, will receive adequate time to turn in work.  If we have done the work together in class, they may take one extra day, if needed.  If they are in Unique Skills, they may complete the work in there and turn it in the same week. Mrs. Erickson and I will be working together to insure they have had enough time and help to complete the weekly work.    

    I will not be accepting work later than the week it is due.  If there are extenuating circumstances, we can discuss them privately and make appropriate accommodations for completion.  Achieve 3000 will be the exception.  Students may do Achieve 3000 at home at any time.  They may do additional articles to make up lower scores; I will replace the lower score with the higher one.


    0 = student earned zero points on an assignment

    X = student is exempt or excused from completing assignment (does not affect grade)

    Z = student did not turn the assignment in; this grade is averaged as a zero until made up.

    Citizenship Scale:

          4- outstanding conduct

          3-  good conduct

          2-  conduct needs improvement

          1- unsatisfactory conduct