Classroom Rules and Procedures








    Students are expected to be considerate of their classmates and to follow all school and 6th grade rules, including dress code.  Ideally, we should all contribute to a positive classroom environment.  Parents will be notified of intrusive behaviors.  Failure to adhere to school and county rules may result in a lowered citizenship grade, detention and a referral to the school office. The Honor Code will be strictly enforced. Cheating, plagiarism, or dishonesty of any type will not be tolerated and will result in a zero.  

    Classroom resources:

    online textbook- (a home copy of textbook is available upon request); links to online grade book -FOCUS and class website are on the Deerlake Web Page. 


    Grading and Evaluation:

    Classwork/Homework 30%

    Assessment & Project 70%


    Grading Scale/Policy: A+ to A- = 100%-90%   

                                        B+ to B- = 89%-80%

                                        C+ to C- = 79%-70%

                                        D+ to D- = 69%-60%

                                        F = Below 60%


    Test and quizzes with a grade less that 70% are allowed to be retaken once.  This will allow students to bring that grade up to a mastery level of 70%. Student grades will be updated on FOCUS Gradebook at least every two weeks.  In  the FOCUS Gradebook ,if there is a blank, it indicates that the grade for the assignment has not been entered yet: it does not indicate a zero.


    Plagiarism Policy: All work that you turn in must be your own.  Please do not give information to another student to copy or use another student's work to complete your own assignments.  There may be times when an assignment is given to a group and information will be shared, but those exception will be clear.  Plargiarism will result in a zero for all parties involved and partent notification.  Multiple occurrences will result in disciplinary action. 


    Homework will be assigned to reinforce lessons taught during class.  Vocabulary lessons, vocabulary lessons, vocabulary flashcards, studying for vocablary test, book reports, and completing writing assignments are some of the activites students will need to complete at home when necessary. Homework is not always writtne work.  A homework task might to read, write, work on a project,or study.  Many students feel that, unless they have to write something, they don't have homework.  Students can expect homework 2-3 times a week.  Students should also read at home every day for at lease 20 minutes.   



    The goal is for the students to use the reading process effectively and understand the common features of a variety of literary forms. Instruction and assessment will include reading skills and various literary styles. Students will be reading from Holt McDougal Harcourt (HMH) Collections text. The textbook is online and students will be given usernames and passwords to access the online text. Books are available upon request. Please note that supervised viewing of the internet for educational purposes is an integral part of the course.


    Speaking and Listening Skills

    All students are expected to be attentive and respond appropriately. The students will have many opportunities to practice their speaking skills in informal settings such as class discussions, reading aloud, and sharing ideas. We will also have formal activities such as oral presentations and the classroom and school-wide Spelling Bees. Later this semester, the students may choose to participate in the Tropicana Speech Contest.  



    Appropriate grade-level vocabulary practice will be given throughout the year. We will use a variety of sources to provide applications. Students will also be studying roots and affixes. It is recommended that a dictionary be available to the student at home, as some homework assignments will draw upon dictionary skills as well as definitions.



    The writing process of pre-writing, composing, revising/editing, proofreading, and publishing will be applied. All final/publication copies must be printed from a computer or neatly written in black or blue ink – no pencil or gel ink or writing on the back of the paper. Writing will be evaluated for focus, organization, support, clarity, word choice, sentence variety, and mature command of language. The conventions of writing will be taught. These writing strategies will parallel the assessment areas for the FSA. A packet of resource papers will soon be issued; it will be used for reference all year long. Writing skills must have a much higher level of sophistication in middle school. Students will be expected to strive to be better writers.



    Policy for Absences: Leon County Policy states: Students who have been absent and are excused are given the privilege of making up work. The length of time within which work may be made up shall be determined by the extent and nature of the absence. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain and complete all makeup work. Students are responsible for making up tests and assignments in a timely manner. Before or after-school passes/appointments can made for makeup assignments, tests or extra help.


    Class Procedures:

    What do I do when I enter the classroom?

    Check the board, Complete Bellwork, Be ready for class when the bell rings. 


    Where do I find my assignments?

    The Daily Agenda will display the assignments for the day and homework is posted on the designated board. As you enter, complete your bellwork.

    The weekly agenda is available on the white board for planning/organization.  The FOCUS will house weekly assignments, important dates, and some of the handouts.   


    How do I head my paper?

    Name, date, class period should be in the top right hand corner with the assignment title centered on the first line of the paper.


    Where do I turn in assignments?

    The teacher will instruct you to pass papers forward or to turn in to the class bin labeled with the corresponding period. If you come in late, be sure to place assignments in the bin for credit.


    What do I do if I am absent?

    Check the teacher website for assignments. Any papers given out while you were absent will be available in the handout folder. Check there upon your return.  Make an appointment to take missed assessments.


    What is expected of me during class?

    A positive work ethic is expected of all students and myself. Any activities that distract from learning are not acceptable and will not be permitted.

    •  No cell phones or electronic devices, unless being used for educational purposes ~ permission must be granted
    • You may NOT have any food, drink, or gum in class. Water bottles must be stored in backpack.


    What should I do if I do not understand something for homework?

    Be sure to listen carefully during the instructions and ask clarifying questions then. If you have questions/problems and you are at home, ask a parent or friend. You may email me your specific question.  If I do not answer the email that evening, come see me in the morning.



     What if my computer is down or I couldn’t access the on-line textbook or type/print an assignment?

    Those things happen. Go to the library as soon as you arrive on campus and use the computers there to complete the assignment.