Accelerated Reader (often referred to as AR) is a computer program that helps teachers and media specialists manage and monitor children's independent reading practice. Students select and read books on their level and then take a short reading comprehension quiz on the computer. Parents are encouraged to monitor their child's progress using Renaissance Home Connect.
    The levels of books are determined using the ATOS readability formula. While books are leveled the same in all elementary schools, each school in Leon County uses their own system of designating levels. Roberts Elementary labels the books with a colored dot. The dot colors and their levels are: 
    Orange dot -- Below 1.0
    Red dot -- 1.0-1.9
    Blue dot -- 2.0-2.9
    Green dot -- 3.0-3.9
    Purple dot -- 4.0-4.9
    Yellow dot -- 5.0-5.9
    Pink dot -- Above 5.9
    We are fortunate to have access to the entire database of quizzes from Renaissance Learning, the parent company of Accelerated Reader. That means that books from other sources (personal collection, public library, etc.) may be read and quizzes taken at school. You will want to be sure that these books are on the child's designated reading level. To check on AR book levels, go to AR Bookfinder
    Celebrations for meeting AR goals take place at the end of each 9 weeks. Details on these celebrations will be announced at the beginning of the grading period. Our media center is open one evening each 9 weeks for families to come and read together, and for students to take AR quizzes. The dates for these Late Night Library events are sent home at the beginning of the year, with reminders sent each 9 weeks. 
    To search for books available in the Roberts Media Center, go to DESTINY QUEST, our online catalog.