• It takes a village to make such an event like prom a success!

    I appreciate all the staff and parents who gave of their time to help chaperone. To our amazing PTSO for always coming through with delicious food and goodies, thank you, thank you, thank you. Special shout out to Leslie and Pam for putting such an amazing spread together. Those fairy houses were the perfect touch! Thank you to Sierra and Theater Tech for helping make decorations and creating this magical, enchanted forest! Your creativity and ingenuity ceases to amaze me! To Deputy Doug, thanks for always being willing to cover school events and stay late to make sure every person gets home safe. You are appreciated more than you know. Barry, thanks for getting the bus working and driving us over. And to Rivka, for being command center here at SAIL and getting all the tickets and chaperone passes in order. Thanks for helping me keep my head on straight!

    You all make this job so much easier by your selflessness and support. I appreciate all that you do and feel lucky to work with such amazing people!

    To simply put it…