• In my classroom, students are expected to be an active participant in his or her education. I believe in utilizing student led activities as much as possible to help create a sense of ownership over the material learned in the classroom, as well as help create a sense of community, respect, and safety within the classroom and school. I also value the unique learning styles of each student, and do my best to differentiate their educational experiences for what is best for the group and the individual. My K-3rd grade music classes are on a seven day rotation schedule for their tapestry classes, so attendance is a vital key to making sure that content is not missed and that each child has the opportunity to succeed on assessments (usually done visually in class). Star Singers have rehearsal everyday, which means that we cover a large amount of content quickly; so being present mentally and physically in my classroom is the key component to a successful choir and a successful grade.


    My ATMSA grading scale is as follows:

    Type                                    Weight


    Performances/Assessments-       70%

    Classwork/Projects-                   15%

    Quizzes-                                   10%

    Homework/Participation-             5%