•  Parts of the guitar

    How its Made - acoustic guitar

     Course Supplies to be provided by the student:

    1. O.T. Explore It! Guitar & Style by Nancy Marsters (no CD) - I will give this to each student as he or she turns in fees
    2. Pencils to be kept in binder/folder
    3. $15 class fee
    4. Medium gage pic (for steel strings ONLY)
    5. Agenda
    6. Extra set of guitar strings
    7. Guitar tuner (I recommend Snark!)


    Free staff paper


    You can visit www.ultimate-guitar.com to find songs you like! The chords are listed above the words in the song. You can use the auto-scroll function to keep the music moving without stopping. Enjoy!


    The website www.musictheory.net will help you with music terminology, note reading and identification, and much more! There is also an app for this website called "Tenuto." 


    Use the website http://vicfirth.com/webrhythms/ to practice new rhythms.


    This website explains many areas of guitar playing: http://www.guitar-skill-builder.com/