• Addends- values being added

    Operator- the object that tells me what to do

    Sum- answer to addition problem

    Signs- objects that explain direction from zero

    Integers- positive and negative whole numbers

    Minuend- the amount being subtracted from

    Subtrahend-  The amount being subtracted

    Difference- the remaining amount; answer to subtraction

    Subtraction- add the opposite

    Words that mean positive are up, forward, deposit, rise, rose, earned, gain

    Words that mean negative are fall, withdrawal, lost, descend, below

    Factors- The numbers being multiplied

    Product- answer to the multiplication problem

    Signs- Tell whether the number is positive or negative

    Dividend- the number being divided

    Divisor- The number doing the dividing

    Quotient- The answer to a division problem

    Mixed number- has a whole number and a part of a number combined

    Improper fraction- numerator is bigger than denominator

    Numerator- top number in fraction

    Denominator- bottom number in fraction

    Ratios- Comparing two numbers, usually seen as a fraction

    Rate- Comparing two amounts, usually seen as a fraction with different units on top and bottom

    Unit rate- a rate that has a denominator of 1

    Money on top time on bottom

    Rate of change- a rate that comes from how much values have changed

    Proportion- fraction = fraction

    Constant of Proportionality- value of the constant rate of change, variable k

     equal- the same value

    inverse- the opposite sign or operation