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     There are numerous things that you can work with your child daily on to help support what they are learning in the classroom. 

    Recognizing letters A-Z, both Uppercase and Lowercase. You may visit the website, “Have fun teaching A-Z” to see and hear examples of the sound each letter makes and words that begin with that letter.Your child may find letters in books and magazines. They can also find them on bill boards or signs while you are in the car.

    Recognizing numbers 0-20 and counting objects up to that number. You can either make flash cards with the numbers 0-20 on them or take a book that has page numbers and randomly turn to a page and ask what the number is. With object counting, you can line up 20 items of anything and have your child, touch and count the items. Also, how high can your child count to? Have them start at 0 and count as high as they can.

    Shapes – circle, star, diamond, triangle, rectangle, square, oval. Look through books and have your child identify any of these shapes they see.

    Writing their first and last name. You may write it for them and let them copy the letters until they can independently write it. You may write their name on a piece of paper and cut it apart and let them put the letters of their name in the correct order.

    Read for 10 minutes each morning and night.  Have the students show you the front and back cover of the book, the title of the book and the first word you read on a page. In class we discuss that you read left to right and top to bottom. When reading, stop and have your student’s make predictions about what they think will happen next in the story. When the story is over, have them retell you the story or what they can remember about it. Ask "wh" questions, what, who, when, why about the story. Ask about the characters (people or animals in the story) and the setting (where the story took place).

    Colors: red, orange, blue, yellow, gray, black, green, white, pink, purple, brown. Look around your house and have your child tell you something that is that color. Look through a book or magazine for pictures with a particular color. Find colors while you are traveling in the car.

    Sight words: a, and, at, can, down, go, had, have, he, I, in, is, on, she, see, up, was, the, with, you. Write these words down on paper and have your child read them to you. Sight words are words that they DO NOT have to stop and sound out. They simply know them by sight. Have them find the words in books and magazines also.

    Compound words – take two words and put them together to make a new word. For example, “foot” and “ball”. The compound word is “football”. Other examples are: hairbrush, baseball, toothbrush, airplane, boathouse.

    Rhyming words – Give your child a word and let them tell you other words that rhyme with it. For example: at, cat, hat; rake, bake, take; fan, tan, can; star, car, bar; pig, wig, dig; mug,bug, dug.

    Syllables – Give your child a word and have them tell you the number of syllables in that word. For example, “computer”. Computer has 3 syllables.The students are use to holding out there hand palm side up and using the fingers of the other hand to count the syllables.

    Thanks for working with your child on these items. See a daily calendar below for specifics you can do.







    Read a book with a family member and look for sight words.


    Play outside and practice skipping, jumping, and hopping.


    Write numbers 1-10 in rainbow colors with crayons.


    Math – Draw 2 circles, then 3 more. How many in all? Continue with various numbers.


    Draw a picture of what spring looks like.


    Find something in your house that begins with each letter of the alphabet.


    Draw a circle, square, rectangle and triangle. Use scissors to cut them out!


    Find items in your house that are the color green, blue and red.


    Write the letters of the alphabet, upper and lower case Aa-Zz.


    Tell a family member the days of the week.



    Say words that rhyme with cat; mug; big; car.


    Backyard Fun: Name something you see in the sky, find 3 kinds of leaves, 3 rocks


    Name an animal and move/act like it. Ex: Fly like a bird, hop like a bunny


    Sort items you have more than one of such as cars, stuffed animals by color, shape and size.


    Draw a picture, cut into large pieces to make a puzzle and put it back together.