A student’s apparel and grooming shall be the responsibility of the individual student and his or her

    parents/guardians. Each student is expected to dress appropriately in such a manner that is respectful to self and


    Dress and grooming shall be clean, healthy and safe, and shall not be permitted to disrupt the teaching and learning

    environment. Items that when worn together are usually indicative of gang memberships or apparel that contains a

    message that is obscene or promotes illegal activities, drugs, discrimination, alcohol, or tobacco products shall not

    be permitted on school grounds or at school sponsored functions.

    The Swift Creek Dress Code is designed to promote safety and good hygiene as well as allow students the

    convenience of dressing comfortably while at school. Encouraging students to dress appropriately for school will

    prepare them to be productive members of society.

    Dress Code:

    1. Shorts, Skirts, Skorts and Dresses: Clothing should meet or exceed the fingertips when arms and hands

    are placed at the side; this also includes slits and holes. This rule applies even when leggings or tights

    are worn underneath.

    2. Shirts: Shirts, tops, jackets, dresses or blouses should cover all aspects of the bosom, chest, back and


    a. Cleavage should not be visible.

    b. Tank tops, tube tops, halters, or spaghetti straps are not permitted as a primary top.

    c. Sheer materials, extremely tight clothing, beachwear, and sleepwear/pajamas/bedroom clothes are

    not permitted.

    d. Undergarments should not be visible at any time.

    e. Shirts when worn with leggings or tights need to meet or exceed the fingertips when arms and hands

    are placed at the side.

    3. Pants: Pants should fit appropriately, without sagging, and hide all undergarments (e.g. underwear, boxers,

    shorts). Any pants with holes or slits that are higher than the fingertips when arms and hands are placed at

    the side are not permitted.

    4. Shoes: Shoes must be worn at all times and conform to the safety requirements of any activity in which the

    student will take part. Open-toed and backless slides are acceptable if they are sturdy and fit securely.

    Bedroom shoes or slippers are not permitted.

    5. Accessories and Jewelry: Accessories and jewelry must not be sexually suggestive or feature crude or

    vulgar commercial lettering, printing, or drawings which would be offensive or insensitive. They may not

    depict drugs, tobacco, alcohol, or be indicative of gang membership. Accessories and jewelry must not be

    capable of causing physical harm.

    6. Hats and Sunglasses: Both male and female head coverings and sunglasses are not permitted. This

    includes but is not limited to hats, beanies, hoods, bandanas, do-rags and caps worn during the school day.

    *See special disciplinary actions below. Exceptions may be made by administration for special school

    activities or if the student is a member of a legally recognized religious organization requiring head covering

    or if there is a legitimate medical necessity.

    Clothing for special programs (e.g. physical education) is not to be worn in the regular classroom. Uniforms for

    sports and special activities sponsored by the school and district may be exempt from the Student Dress Code if

    approved by the administration. Any administrator or designee shall make the determination concerning questions

    regarding the appropriateness of dress for school and for school sponsored functions.


    Our school is committed to consistent and fair implementation of the Dress Code Policy. Students who dress in a

    manner inconsistent with the approved Dress Code Policy will be sent to the guidance office and required to make

    the necessary change(s) to be in compliance. If a change of clothing is not available, the student will be sent to ISD

    for the remainder of the day. The 3th Dress Code violation will result in a Class 1.15 Discipline Referral.

    *Hats and Sunglasses will be confiscated.